• Get Ready – Muriel’s Wedding the Musical Has Arrived in Melbourne!

    Get Ready – Muriel’s Wedding the Musical Has Arrived in Melbourne!

    Everyone remembers (and loves!) the classic Australian movie Muriel’s Wedding which follows Muriel and her dream of getting her perfect wedding. Well, this iconic movie has now been transformed into a show-stopping musical. This big, brash and completely delightful show has been getting rave reviews – this is one musical you don’t want to miss!

    Muriel's Wedding

    Here at Kaya Health Clubs, we’re proud to be the health club of choice for the cast and crew and look forward to supporting their minds and bodies throughout the run. We also couldn’t be more excited about that fact that two members of our Kaya family are a part of the show. Let’s meet the talented Caitlin Quinn (who also teaches Pilates in Melbourne) and Andrew Hallsworth!

    Andrew Hallsworth: choreographer

    Andrew is the choreographer for Muriel’s Wedding the Musical and he stages all of the production numbers in the show. Andrew has been a choreographer for over 20 years and not only does he have a list of impressive theatre credits to his name, he also won the 2018 Helpmann Award for ‘Best Choreography in a Musical’ for the World Premiere season of Muriel’s Wedding. Andrew is also a long time member here at Kaya and his smiling face can be spotted at the club most days.


    Andrew credits his training at Kaya as being responsible for him feeling fitter, more grounded, less stressed, healthier, taller, and more focused. All of this has contributed to his role as choreographer for the show. Andrew does Pilates most days, but also mixes it up with barre, circuit or boxing. His role is physically, as well as mentally draining. Andrew first started coming to classes to become strong in his mind and body so he could find the focus he needed for his work. Andrew has found that his training helps get him through the pressure involved in his job and he has never felt more focussed.

    Caitlin Quinn: swing

    Caitlin first started dance classes when she was only six and she’s been singing and dancing ever since! Her role is one of the swings in the show, which means she has had to perfect multiple tracks (seven to be exact) so she’s ready to understudy at a moment’s notice. One of her other roles is, of course, as a Pilates instructor here at Kaya health Clubs in Melbourne.


    Her role in the show means that Caitlin needs to keep up with the the physically challenging nature of the choreography and the long hours, so keeping up her fitness is key. Because of her background as a Pilates teacher, Caitlin uses reformer as her go-to class to keep her strong and also bring her focus back to her breath. Along with Pilates, Caitlin also heads to the free weights section at Kaya and also loves to jump into a yoga class. She switches off by heading to the ocean, doing yoga or meditating.


    Muriel’s Wedding the Musical will be playing for a strictly limited season so get your tickets today! You can find all available tickets on the official website here – www.murielsweddingthemusical.com


    If you’re like the cast and crew of Muriel’s Wedding and are ready to give Pilates reformer Melbourne a try, contact Kaya Health Clubs today on 03 9090 1000.

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