Pilates Reformer and Mat Classes

KĀYA Pilates Classes

KĀYA Pilates is a dynamic and challenging process of exercise with an emphasis on mind-body awareness. When you experience KĀYA Pilates classes in Melbourne and KĀYA Pilates classes in Prahran you’ll find the stillness and support to dramatically improve your strength, posture, core, stability, physique, and sense of wellbeing. Our team are constantly monitoring research results surrounding exercise principles and kinesiology to compliment the origins of Pilates. This empowers our commitment to integrity, credibility, safety, and health benefits.


With modern lifestyles often focussed around sedentary activities, our spines can become compressed and unaligned. As the muscles weaken, we are less able to provide a strong frame for our backs and this often leads to pains, spasms, poor posture, and loss of movement. KĀYA Pilates works to strengthen and lengthen the spine so that you can stand taller, move faster, and sleep better.

Benefits Of A Strong Core:

While many exercises focus on isolated muscle groups, this can often result in a neglected core- which can result in injury due to poor technique. Your core is where your centre of stability and strength is based, and every other movement can only act as an extension. A strong core will help you stand straighter, move with agility and balance, and utilise the rest of your body with more power and strength.


Our KĀYA members receive expert training and instruction, and we proudly support the minds and bodies of the Melbourne Storm as well as the Australian Ballet in recognition of our excellent standards. We offer Pilates Group Reformer, as well as Pilates Mat Classes.

About Our KĀYA Melbourne Pilates Instructors

OOur specialist instructors are accredited by the Elixr School of Pilates, or ESOP. ESOP is Australia’s leading Pilates education provider, and is recognised and endorsed by the Fitness Institute of Australia for their outstanding commitment to premium instructor training and understanding. Click here for more information about ESOP.

Our instructors are passionate Prahran Pilates enthusiasts and Melbourne Pilates enthusiasts- for our team, it’s not just a career, it’s a lifestyle. Our team is constantly reviewing scientific research for new information on the principles of exercise, and learning how we can refine our Pilates experience while staying true to the original methodology.


Our qualified instructors create a comfortable setting for KĀYA members to explore their technique and abilities, under careful guidance and attentive instruction. Create time to nurture your body, and experience a methodical, invigorating approach to Pilates – an experience curated by our dedicated instructors and ultimately rewarding for the mind and body.

Pilates Reformer Classes

KĀYA Pilates Prahran and Pilates Melbourne reformer classes are an effective method to get more out of your Pilates class, with the use of the specialised Pilates reformer bed. Using the movement of the reformer with a range of props, spring adjustments, and blocks, KĀYA members can find new ways to strengthen and tone their physique with the same dedicated guidance and attentive assistance as our Pilates mat classes. Reformer Pilates offers a new technique to sculpt lean muscle and flexibility, with the support to accommodate injury rehabilitation. Discover new ranges of movement and flexibility with the modern facilities and expert guidance that KĀYA is known for.

Pilates Mat Classes

Pilates mat classes are conducted using the floor work version of Pilates and can use a range of props, such as resistance bands and magic circles. Our classes emphasise the importance of precision in movement, originating from a strong and stable core. Improve coordination, posture, strength, and mental fortitude, in a low-impact and highly rewarding class.

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