• The Health benefits of connecting your body and mind with acupuncture:

    The Health benefits of connecting your body and mind with acupuncture:

    It may look uncomfortable, but we can assure you — there’s more to acupuncture than involuntary pins and needles.

    At Kaya, we respect and celebrate health practices with a long-standing history.

    Acupuncture originated in China over 4,000 years ago, and has since been widely integrated into health care systems around the world. Like all forms of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture aims to reach optimal health and wellness by creating balance within the body.

    Qi—pronounced chi—refers to the energy that is constantly moving throughout our bodies, via pathways called meridians. When we’re stressed, sleep deprived, experiencing physical pain or managing migraines — there is likely a blockage disturbing the flow of our qi.

    Acupuncture attempts to nourish and restore the movement of qi by inserting thin needles into specific points, with correct combinations, in order to bring the body back to balance.

    The quick and painless application of acupuncture needles can be used to alleviate a variety of sickness symptoms — relieving pain, stimulating healing and promoting relaxation.

    Studies have shown that acupuncture has an effect on the body’s nervous and immune systems. During treatment, both opioids and endorphins are released from our brains — resulting in a natural form of pain relief, without the use of medications or drugs. Acupuncture can also alter the circulation of blood — by encouraging it to affected areas, both pain and swelling can be reduced.

    Acupuncture is about more than putting a band aid on a problem, and hoping it heals. Instead, it takes a whole body approach to health and wellness — treating underlying imbalances to naturally stimulate harmony within the body.

    Yoga too is a practise that recognises the importance of the body and its energy’s. In Kaya’s Prahran Yoga classes, we incorporate movement and breath—whilst finding stillness in poses—to nourish the energy that circulates throughout our bodies. Whilst acupuncture encourages the natural flow of qi, Yoga activates our energy centres — stimulating an overall sense of well-being, and helping us to feel our most alive.

    Both practices present adaptable and accessible approaches to health and wellness, by focusing on a connection between the body and mind. Acupuncture and yoga work by looking inwards — encouraging a sense of empowerment by celebrating the body’s own natural healing abilities.

    With acupuncture at Angea, the answer is simple. The Angea MethodTM works on the belief that the mind, body and spirit are all connected — teaching you how to re-connect your body with principles that can be applied to daily life.

    Named after the fertility goddess of Australian Indigenous mythology, Angea works specifically with women — using acupuncture to nurture women’s health. Angea’s founder—Amanda Waaldyk—is a doctor of Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbs), fertility specialist and women’s health advocate. She is passionate about supporting women through their individual journey towards conception.

    We believe that understanding how our bodies work is essential to health and wellness. With both Kaya’s Prahran Yoga classes and acupuncture at Angea, become re-connected to your body and start listening to what it has to say. It’s worth hearing.

    We’ve made it easy for you to connect the two — visit both Kaya and Angea to base your yoga and acupuncture in Prahran. Book a Prahran yoga class at Kaya today, and begin your Angea journey with a free initial 15-minute consultation.

    The health benefits of connecting your body and mind with acupuncture

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