• How to Become a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia

    How to Become a Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia

    With our increasingly busy lives, yoga is the perfect way to help find your balance and strengthen the mind and body connection. At Kaya, we love seeing our members embrace their yoga journey and discover everything this ancient practice has to offer. After experiencing all of the benefits of regular yoga practice, it’s no surprise that many students decide to explore the option of bringing yoga to others by becoming teachers themselves.

    If you’re interested in taking your yoga journey to the next level, Yoga Australia is dedicated to the tradition of yoga and offers support for yogis around the country. They have a range of teacher training courses registered with them which meet the highest standards.

    Yoga Australia

    Dedicated to the tradition of Yoga:

    Yoga Australia are the peak professional body for yoga in Australia and are a not-for-profit association dedicated to developing and promoting best practice in yoga, supporting yoga professionals across the country, and providing education about yoga to professional groups and the wider community. As the industry peak body for yoga, they have a strong interest in ensuring that high quality yoga teacher training is offered across Australia. With that in mind, they take the guesswork out of choosing a teacher training course by only registering courses that are of a high quality and taught by experienced yoga professionals.

    High quality teacher training courses

    Unfortunately, the yoga industry is unregulated which means that anyone can run a yoga course. This means that you could be receiving training from someone who isn’t qualified which has implications for your own students. Yoga Australia have the highest standards in the world and before a teacher can register a training course, they ensure that the course meets strict guidelines and requirements set by Yoga Australia. There is also a strong focus on providing ongoing mentoring and support to ensure that teacher trainees receive ongoing supervision throughout their journey towards becoming a yoga teacher. This means that potential students can be confident that they’ll walk away with accreditation which will be recognised both nationally and internationally.

    Yoga Australia membership

    Yoga Australia believe that all yoga teachers should have a certain level of training and experience and you must have at least 350 hours of yoga teacher training for full membership. You can also receive a provisional membership if you have completed a shorter 200 hour course while you work towards full membership. Once you’re a member of Yoga Australia, you receive a number of benefits including well packaged insurance options, discounts on workshops, conferences and seminars, regular networking opportunities, a quarterly “Yoga Today” magazine, regular newsletters and use of the Yoga Australia member logo.

    For more information about how you can transform your passion into a career as a yoga teacher, you can contact Yoga Australia today on 1300 881 451 or go online to check out their range of registered teacher training courses.

    To continue your yoga journey with our range of authentic classes, contact Kaya today on 03 9090 1000 and take advantage of our complimentary class experience!

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