• Taking Care of You: Simple Self-Care Suggestions

    Taking Care of You: Simple Self-Care Suggestions

    Self-care is a concept that most of have heard about but unfortunately it gets put on the back burner all too often. Whether it’s starting that Pilates course in Melbourne that you’ve been thinking about, or simply taking a few minutes for yourself each day, we’ve seen so many of our members reluctant to take these steps due to worrying about being selfish. After all, why should you do things for yourself when there are other things that need to get done? The truth is that self-care is something that all of us should prioritise and today we’ll be offering some of our favourite ideas to help make looking after yourself a part of your everyday life.

    Taking Care of You: Simple Self-Care Suggestions

    Take a 10 minute walk:

    It’s amazing what a difference some fresh air can make and we can all spare 10 minutes to get out of the house or office. You’ll often find that your 10 minute walk gets longer each time you do it!

    Go to bed early:

    If you’re like most people, you never quite make it to bed early enough. Once a week, aim to get to bed a couple of hours earlier – it might seem strange at first but you’ll wake up feeling so much better.

    Read something:

    Whether it’s a novel, a favourite book from your childhood or a magazine, put aside an hour or two during your week to read something.

    Disconnect from technology:

    It can be incredibly liberating (and relaxing!) to free yourself from technology for a while. Turn your devices off so you can have some peace from emails, messages and notifications.

    Get a massage:

    Booking in a massage not only means you’re taking time for yourself but you’ll also benefit from the stress relieving benefits of a proper massage.

    Take a mental health day:

    If you feel like your stress levels have reached fever pitch, the occasional mental health day from work may be all you need to recharge your batteries.

    Focus on your breath:

    Even if it’s only for a couple of minutes, focusing on your breath gives the opportunity to take a break from your day and practice being present in the moment.


    Try a new fitness class:

    Trying out a new fitness class is the perfect way to take some time for yourself and improve your health at the same time. Pilates and yoga are great choices thanks to their focus on the mind-body connection.

    Here at Kaya Health Clubs, we’re ready to help you embrace self-care and start prioritising your health and fitness. We offer a range of yoga and Pilates classes to challenge your body and strengthen your mind in the serene surrounds of our studios. We have convenient locations in the Melbourne CBD and Prahran.

    If you’re ready to get started with your Pilates training Melbourne, contact Kaya Health Clubs today on (03) 9090 1000.