• Tips on Personal Training This Melbourne Summer

    Tips on Personal Training This Melbourne Summer

    As the days warm up and the afternoons stretch out, we can start looking forward to a summer of blue skies, balmy days, and sunset cocktails. It can also mean that we come out of hibernation and start working on the toned figures that will keep us healthy for our hikes, swims, and other summery activities. While staying snuggled up is critical in a Melbourne winter, summer is when we truly shine. Read on below for our tips before you start this unique and powerful way to train.

    Set The Right Kind Of Goals:

    Your personal trainer will help you to find what you should be aiming for, because it’s important that you’re working towards a realistic and healthy result. This doesn’t always mean jumping on the scales either – muscle weighs more than fat, so if your goals are to tone up or become healthier, then weight isn’t the measurement for you. There are other goals you can set to ensure you measure your progress in a healthy way, from fitness testing and speed testing, to body fat-to-muscle ratios and body measurements. Your goal might be to run five kilometres, or lose an inch off your waist, or to do a handstand! Have fun with your goals, and you’ll be more motivated to keep to them.

    Plan Your Attack:

    There’s no point agreeing to a five-day sunrise workout program if you’re going to blow off three of them, then get discouraged and cancel altogether. Talk with your trainer about creating a timetable that complements your lifestyle, and is manageable for you. You’ll be more inclined to stick with it, and see the results you want.

    Choose Your Reward:

    For some, their goal might be to be able to go for a weekend hike with their family this summer and to be physically able to do so, so some goals write their own endings. But if your goal is a little

    more personal, such as to lose body fat and gain muscle, you might need some more inspiration to keep your eyes on the prize. Perhaps there’s a music gig, or a special function on that you’d love to look and feel your best at – make that your benchmark, and know that it’ll all be worth it when the time comes. Talk to your trainer about finding the best reward for you, so they can remind you when you’re feeling unfocused.

    Set The Alarm Clock:

    So you’ve been wrapped up in woolly socks, quilts, beanies and jumpers for a few months now, and anything outside of bed is frosty territory before 10am. Thankfully, summer is here and those sun rays are a boost for your mental health, so break the habit and start making the most of the bright mornings ahead. You’ll feel happier and more energetic than if you’d slept in, and you can get a great workout in before half the city has stirred. Personal trainers are morning people, so they’ll be your biggest cheerleader as you take on that sunrise.

    Personal Training

    KAYA Health Clubs offers a variety of personal training options, and all of our trainers are passionate and educated fitness professionals. Our state-of-the-art personal training studio gym area allows the trainers to take you through a unique, fun, and challenging system of courses for ultimate results. Contact our friendly team here at KAYA to find out more.

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