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KĀYA Personal Training in Melbourne

KAYA places a strong emphasis on ensuring our members receive helpful, personal attention from our team. Our dedicated trainers maintain our personal training fitness courses to reach our high standard of conditioning and care. KAYA Health Clubs offer state-of-the-art Melbourne facilities to provide a serene, comfortable space. This is the perfect setting for our members to engage with our fitness experts one-on-one, if they would like to push their training and learn new methods training courses.

Benefits Of Receiving KĀYA Personal Training

1 – Accountability and Achievement

Setting personal goals can often be unrealistic, with aspirations that are detrimental to health and result in disappointment. Even realistic goals can be unattainable, when accountability is solely on you. Our personal trainers will give you the accountability to remember your goals, while ensuring they are safe and realistic for your body.

2 – Personal Care

Receive personal care from our supportive team of trainers, who are dedicating to helping you reach your goals with kindness and inspiration.

3 – Customised Workouts

Our personal trainers will develop a training schedule and routine which is suited to you and your goals- we don’t use cookie-cutter templates, or expect you to follow a schedule which doesn’t make room for your personal life.

4 – Motivation

Find motivation and enthusiasm for your fitness, with the attentive and energetic presence of a health professional to facilitate and motivate you to towards your goals

5 – Variety

Many people aren’t aware of a huge variety of exercises, or confident in using equipment which is available in our club. Discover new and exciting ways to add variety to your fitness, while our personal trainers enjoy creating different and engaging courses to keep you enthusiastic about your training.

6 – Effective and Efficient Training

Make the most of the time you spend at our facilities with guided training through effective movements, with powerful results in minimal time.

Get to know our experienced Personal Trainers

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