• What To Look For When Choosing A Fitness Centre

    So, you’ve taken the first step by deciding you’re ready to join a fitness centre and take responsibility for your health and wellbeing. Awesome job! But how do you decide which club is right for you? After all, you don’t want to sign up only to regret your decision a few weeks down the track. Today, we’ll be looking at essential factors you need to consider before you commit to a fitness centre.


    A good range of classes

    The group fitness classes on offer at your potential fitness centre is a good starting point when it comes to committing. If there are no classes that particularly thrill you, chances are that you won’t be motivated to attend. After all, you should be excited about what’s on offer at the club! If the classes look good, don’t forget to look at the available class times. There should be a wide range of time slots available so you can easily fit your classes in around your lifestyle.

    Conveniently located

    It’s all about convenience when it comes to your health club and you want it to be centrally located so you have no excuse not to go along. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to visit the club before you sign up so you can confirm that it’s not going to be a mission to get there. Remember, it’s not just about close proximity to your house – also look at factors such as distance from work, nearby public transport and ease of parking.

    Well reviewed

    Although you should always go into a potential health club yourself before signing on, take the time to take a look at social media and other online forums to get an idea of the reputation of a particular centre. Have a read of some of the reviews as this will give you an idea as to the classes and facilities on offer, as well as giving you a general sense of the ethos of the club.

    High quality facilities

    A good test when choosing a health club is to drop in and ask to take a look around. Dropping by in person means you can get a good idea of the quality of the equipment, facilities and group fitness studios. Don’t forget to take a peek into the changerooms to check that they’re well maintained and to see what extras your potential club offers members! If staff are reluctant to show you around or you can see that the facilities are poorly maintained, it might be a good idea to look elsewhere.

    Passionate team members

    A fitness courses centre could have the best facilities in the world but the truth is you’re not going to get the most out of your club if the staff there are simply going through the motions. Always pay close attention to the attitude of team members so you can be assured you’re going to get the support and motivation you need going forward. When you walk into a potential health club, chances are you’ll pick up on the vibe pretty quickly so go with your instincts!

    KĀYA are a fitness centre based in Melbourne with convenient locations in Prahran and the Melbourne CBD. We’re passionate about providing a full range of services to our members and are excited about sharing your health and wellbeing journey. We focus on the mind-body connection and offer a range of group fitness and mind and body classes, along with a range of additional services.

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