Kāya Education

Kāya Education provides a wide range of educational courses, seminars, workshops and teacher training designed to help enrich and improve your Kāya experience.

We offer these educational experiences to members to as it empowers, inspires, encourages and above all, builds confidence. Our objective is to see members flourish and strive to meet their ultimate potential. Kāya Education covers a variety of health and wellness, fitness, self-development, motivational and inspirational topics.

Our Introductory Courses are ideal for new members or for anyone who wants to develop or enhance their skills in Pilates or Yoga. With instruction on how to use equipment and perfect your technique, they will instill confidence and help you reach your health and wellness goals more effectively.

Pilates & Yoga Introductory Courses

Yoga Lessons

Pilates Reformer Teacher Training


Boxing Technique Workshop

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Kaya Kids School Holiday Programme


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