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Kaya Education provides a wide range of educational courses, seminars, workshops and teacher training designed to help enrich and improve your Kaya experience.

We offer these educational experiences to members to as it empowers, inspires, encourages and above all, builds confidence. Our objective is to see members flourish and strive to meet their ultimate potential. Kāya Education covers a variety of health and wellness, fitness, self-development, motivational and inspirational topics.

Our Introductory Courses are ideal for new members or for anyone who wants to develop or enhance their skills in Pilates or Yoga. With instruction on how to use equipment and perfect your technique, they will instill confidence and help you reach your health and wellness goals more effectively.

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If you’ve been looking for fitness courses in Melbourne to further your health and well being journey, Kaya offer a range of educational courses, workshops, seminars and teacher training designed to improve and enrich your Kaya experience. We love to see our members flourish and meet their ultimate potential and our Kaya health and fitness courses cover a variety of wellness, fitness, self-development, motivational and inspirational topics.

Introductory Courses

Kaya’s introductory fitness courses are complimentary for members and offer entry level guidance and support before you start group classes such as yoga and Pilates. Trying out your first class can be a daunting prospect and coming along to an introductory courses will teach you the correct technique, background information and safe use of our equipment before you start. Our goal is to instil confidence in our members and help you reach your health and wellness goals more effectively.

Pilates Introduction Course

With our introduction to Pilates course, you’ll learn about the methodology underlying your practice, the correct use of equipment and how to get your technique right so you get the most out of your Pilates class. If you’ve never done Pilates before, this course is the gentle introduction you need so you’re confident starting your classes. It’s also a great option if you want to fine tune your Pilates technique. Learn more about this course here.

Yoga Introduction Course

Learn more about the ancient discipline of yoga through our introduction to yoga course which gives you a deeper understanding of your own practice. This course teaches you about the philosophy and history underpinning yoga, the correct form and technique and the importance of breath and mindfulness. Wherever you are on your yoga journey, our introductory course can enhance and develop your practice. Learn more about this course here.

Boxing Technique Workshop

If you’re a little nervous about giving boxing a try, our boxing techniques workshop will provide the confidence, knowledge and tools required to attend our regular boxing classes. During this workshop, you’ll learn correct technique and get to know the positive mindful effects of boxing. Learn more about the stances you need including footwork, feet placement, positioning and alignment, and discover how to perfect the four different punches you’ll be using in class. We’ll also get you used to the correct head positioning and movement, as well as familiarising you with pad work, so you’re ready to go for your next boxing class! Learn more about this course here.

Reformer Pilates Teacher Training

To help your transform your passion for Pilates into a career, Kaya offers Reformer Pilates training courses through our relationship with the Elixr School of Pilates. Our courses are nationally endorsed by the Fitness Institute of Australia and you’ll learn the necessary skills to teach your own reformer Pilates classes with the support of our experienced course instructors.

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