• Finding balance: the restorative power of yoga

    Yoga is wonderful way of finding stillness in your otherwise hectic day and provides some impressive benefits. Not only does yoga provide physical benefits, it also offers mental restoration. With our extensive experience providing traditional yoga classes in Prahran, we’ve seen first-hand the positive power of regular yoga practice. Today, we’ll be sharing how the restorative power of yoga can have a positive impact on your everyday life.

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    Reduces stress

    The calming and serene environment that accompanies yoga practice, along with the focus on breath and relaxation, means it’s a powerful tool to reduce stress levels. Many studies have shown the benefits yoga offers individuals struggling with stress and anxiety. Yoga helps to regulate your breath and which relieves tension throughout the body. With the stress of daily life, we could all do with the escape that yoga provides.

    Calms the nervous system

    One of the most powerful benefits of yoga is the ability it has to calm your nervous system. The practice of yoga means that the focus is shifted away from the sympathetic nervous system, which involves your ‘fight or flight’ response, to the parasympathetic nervous system, which involves your ‘rest and digest’ response. The parasympathetic nervous system allows your heart rate to slow, your muscles to relax and blood to flow to your organs.

    Assists with mindfulness

    Yoga encourages you to focus on your breath while you move through the various poses which is an effective way to enhance mindfulness. Once you’ve embraced your yoga practice for a period of time, you will find yourself more able to use your breath to encourage mindfulness in your day to day life. To further assist with mindfulness, many yoga classes included a meditation component which encourages you to focus on the present and relax your mind

    Increases focus

    While yoga is well known for its relaxing effect on the body, it’s also very beneficial when it comes to improving focus and mental clarity. Many businesses these days are encouraging employees to take up yoga as part of corporate wellness programs due to its ability to reduce mental clutter and improve concentration. Not only does yoga help with focus, it also opens your mind and helps you become more creative. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself able to think more clearly and focus for longer once you begin taking yoga classes – it’s one of the many pleasant side effects of the practice.

    A Woman Performing An Advanced Yoga Position

    If you’re looking to try yoga, Melbourne based KĀYA Health Clubs offer specialised yoga classes in a serene, supportive environment. Our qualified yoga instructors bring their own extensive experience to guide on your journey so can fully immerse yourself in your yoga practice. We offer a selection of traditional yoga disciplines and our instructors will adjust their teaching according to the needs of the class.
    For more information about our yoga studios in Melbourne, contact KĀYA today on 03 9090 1000.

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    Demi fell in love with yoga when she travelled to India when she was 20 years old. She loved the feeling of bliss she experienced both during and after class, and how that feeling would stay with her throughout her day. It was also in India, that Demi learned how much she loved to write about her travels. She believes that stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand. They imprint a picture in our minds. This led her to her job as a Content Writer. She loves helping businesses tell stories. Especially when the stories involve educating readers on the endless benefits of yoga and Pilates- two of her most loved fitness regimes
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