• Help Correct Muscular Imbalance Through Yoga in Melbourne

    Help Correct Muscular Imbalance Through Yoga

    Muscular imbalance is something that many of us suffer with and it’s often a symptom of modern life. Muscular imbalance occurs when you work certain muscles too frequently while underusing other muscles and is commonly caused by repetitive motions. When it comes to correcting your muscular imbalance, regular yoga practice can help by adjusting your posture and stretching the muscles.

    What is muscular imbalance?

    Ideally, all of the muscles of the body should be balanced when it comes to strength but everyday repetitive activities mean that some muscles are underworked while others are overworked, leading to muscular imbalance. For example, many people have muscular imbalance in the shoulders from hunching forward at desks and computers. In this scenario, our shoulders are pulled forward constantly but we often forget to work the muscles which pull the shoulders back.

    Why is muscular imbalance an issue?

    Unfortunately, muscular imbalance doesn’t just mean that you have some muscles which are weaker than others. All of the muscles of the body are designed to work together and if you have some muscles picking up all of the slack while others don’t do much at all, you’re going to be much more prone to pain and injury. There are a number of issues which may be linked to muscular imbalance including knee pain, neck pain, repetitive sport injuries, headaches, lower back pain and slipped discs.

    How can yoga help?

    Yoga focuses on poses, dynamic flowing movements and stretching to work the entire body. This means that when you go along to yoga class, you don’t just work isolated muscles – all of your muscle groups are strengthened and lengthened which can lead to improved muscular balance. In your regular yoga practice, you’ll be working your deeper postural muscles to help you carry your body correctly to reduce strain on overworked area, such as neck muscles.


    In many cases, our muscles are so tight that it prevents them from working properly. Hip flexors are a great example – they’re notoriously tight due to many of us sitting for long periods of time. Yoga helps to stretch your muscles out for a greater range of movement and functionality. Over time, yoga works to stretch the muscles which are tight and overworked while strengthening the muscles which are weak and underused.


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