• How To Incorporate Meditation Into Your Everyday Life

    A Picture Of A Woman Meditating The Maker Studio Melbourne CBD

    With our increasingly busy modern lifestyles, it’s difficult to find a moment to quiet your mind and focus on the present which is why meditation is so important. If you’re involved in regular yoga practice, you may already be familiar with meditation and the positive impact it can have on your mental wellbeing. However, your meditation practice shouldn’t just be restricted to when you attend your yoga classes – there are also easy ways that you can experience the benefits of meditation in your daily life.

    Take five:

    If the thought of putting aside even half an hour to practice meditation is too much for your busy schedule, start small. Put aside five minutes each morning to try a guided meditation (there are plenty of free apps available) or to simply focus on your breath. You can also snatch five minutes here and there throughout the day to do some meditation, even if it’s just focusing on your breath. No matter how busy you are, you can always find five minutes!

    Visit nature:

    Getting outside into nature can have a positive effect on your stress levels. Find a local bushwalk or parkland close by where you can purposefully walk and take in the fresh air. Rather than letting your mind wander to the many things on your to-do list, focus on your footsteps and your breath so you’re continually being brought back into the moment. It doesn’t have to be walking – riding a bike or going for a swim can also be perfect opportunities to practice meditation.

    Enjoy the ride:

    Rather than seeing your commute to work or daily errands in your car as a source of frustration, take advantage of the time you have. Listen to a guided meditation, try out classical music, listen to your breath or even give a few mantras a try. Hopefully, you’ll find that your commute becomes a peaceful time and you’ll arrive at your destination feeling calm rather than stressed.

    Yoga and meditation:

    Given the connection between yoga and meditation, incorporating regular yoga classes into your weekly schedule is a fantastic way of incorporating meditation into your life. Not only is there a focus on mindfulness as you concentrate on your breath while carrying out each movement, most yoga classes end with a guided meditation for your teacher. As an added bonus, you can incorporate the breathing techniques you’ve learned through yoga into your daily life.

    At KĀYA Health Clubs, we understand the connection between meditation and yoga which is why we love to end each class with a guided meditation from our experienced teachers. We provide a range of authentic yoga classes including Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa and Nidra.  For yoga meditation classes, come along to the serene environment of our state of the art studios in our Melbourne CBD and Prahran locations.

    For genuine yoga and meditation classes, contact KĀYA today on (03) 9090 1000.