• Looking For Something New? Try Pilates Reformer Classes This Year

    Are you looking for a new way to freshen up your year, and try something different?
    Our Pilates Reformer classes are the perfect way for everyone in Melbourne to experience the true benefits of Pilates, from beginner to advanced

    Pilates Reformer Classes

    What Is The Reformer?

    The Pilates Reformer is renowned for its unique purpose and efficacy. The metal frame holds a flat carriage, which rolls on its wheels within the frame. At one end the carriage is connected to the frame with colour-coded springs, all of which have been developed to offer various levels of resistance. This machine acts as the perfect accompaniment to your Pilates practice and has been celebrated worldwide for years.

    What Do I Do?

    The Reformer can look intimidating – springs, wheels, and other machinations create a stark dichotomy to the general atmosphere of Pilates. But, much like the practice of Pilates, the Reformer was carefully designed to be as powerful, challenging, safe, rewarding, and versatile as possible. You may be sitting, standing, on your side, lying facedown or on your back, pushing, pulling… the variety of movements can go on. With these movements, you are offered the Reformer to provide more resistance or support, depending on you and the action. At a Reformer Pilates class you’ll find that you can safely use many parts of your body, allowing you drive new awareness and energy into the forgotten muscle groups and to recharge the main ones.


    Pilates always strives for strength, flexibility, and balance, and the mind usually follows the body. When you attend a Reformer class you will be encouraged to remain alert of your body’s sensations and focussed on your breath. Many fitness classes will challenge your body but leave your mind dormant – not Pilates. When you try Pilates, you’re dedicating that session to remaining present with your movements and aware of your experience, both mentally and emotionally as well as physically. The movements you’ll complete on a Reformer may not appear to be challenging, but with your mind channelling your focus into each breath and movement, you will find the class more intensely rewarding and invigorating than you had first suspected.

    Is Pilates Reformer Right For Me?

    You may be wondering whether Pilates is right for you – but the immaculate design of Pilates makes it ideal for almost anyone.
    Whether you’re a senior or a sprinter, or a beginner to the world of fitness, Pilates has been designed with the functional movement of the human body in mind. With countless movements and adaptations for injury, pregnancy, ability, or size, it’s no surprise that Pilates is heralded by millions of people worldwide.

    Pilates Reformer Classes

    If you feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable, Pilates always offers the opportunity to take a break and recoup – your Pilates Reformer class is up to you, and Kaya offers a range of introductory courses to help you get familiarised from the start. These will take you through the foundations of Pilates, from the exercise principles to the correct techniques, so you can gain a thorough understanding and a firm grasp on your practice. If you’re ever concerned about a movement, talk to your instructor about a possible adaptation or alternative. Our Pilates instructors are highly qualified and passionate about what they do, and are happy to discuss any questions or queries you may have.

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