• Supercharge Your Latte: Discover Ginger & Co Superfood Blends

    Supercharge Your Latte: Discover Ginger & Co Superfood Blends

    Although coffee remains a staple beverage for people to refuel and get an energy boost, superfood lattes are trending and you’ve probably seen them pop up in cafes everywhere. Not only do these healthy drinks offer a unique taste, they also pack a punch when it comes to nutrition. Today, we’re introducing you to Ginger & Co superfood blends which we offer at our Kaya Espresso Bar.

    Supercharge Your Latte

    The Story Behind Ginger & Co:

    Ginger & Co comes from humble beginnings and what began as a simple ginger latte has developed into a successful range of delicious products. After the perfecting the signature Ginger Latte, the business began experimenting with other superfoods and transforming them into health-boosting and tasty beverages. Today, there is a full range of products on offer including the Golden Latte, Chai Latte, Matcha Latte and Charcoal Latte.

    Ginger & Co use whole ingredients which are 100% natural – no sugar or additives allowed! They use high quality Australian grown ingredients and are proud to support local growers to showcase Australian produce. Their focus on premium blends means that you receive all the benefits of a superfood drink while not compromising on taste.

    Superfood Benefits

    There is so much that has been written about superfoods and there are certain ingredients which deserve the title due to the impressive health benefits they offer. Ginger & Co have embraced all of the benefits of superfood ingredients by including them in their range of blends.

    Ginger contains a number of health boosting properties and features in many Ginger & Co products due to its ability to help soothe cold and flu symptoms, ease pain and inflammation, and prevent and treat disease. Turmeric is another favourite ingredient at Ginger & Co and it acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory while also helping treat diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Matcha, another featured ingredient, is packed with anti-oxidants and offers brain boosting power.

    Ginger & Co Superfood Blends

    Ginger Latte – The Ginger Latte is where it all began and this warming beverage offers the perfect amount of spice, with a hint of coconut and vanilla.

    Golden Latte – This turmeric latte blend is caffeine free and contains Australian grown turmeric and ginger which offer anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and pain relief properties.

    Charcoal Latte – For a detoxifying blend, try a Charcoal Latte which contains activated charcoal to help absorb toxins and chemicals in your system.

    Spiced Ginger Chai – For a spicy hit of flavour, you can’t go past Spiced Ginger Chai which features Australian grown black tea and a range of warming spices.

    Matcha Powder – Ginger & Co Matcha Powder is made from the highest quality grade matcha and offers a rich source of antioxidants.

    Kaya Espresso Bar

    At Kaya Health Clubs, we’re all about helping our members along their health and wellbeing journey which is why you can get Ginger & Co products at the Kaya Espresso Bar at our Prahran location. What better way to end your Pilates or yoga experience at Kaya than to stop by and grab a healthy drink before you head home – drop by and see what we have on offer!

    To find out more about the range of superfood drinks on offer at Ginger & Co, take a look at their superfoods latte blends at www.gingerco.com.au.

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