• The Benefits of Yin Yoga Classes

    The Benefits of Yin Yoga Classes

    With our stressful modern lifestyles, yoga offers a welcome escape as you connect your mind and body through regular practice. Yin yoga is one of the less well-known yoga disciplines but many people come to love this practice which lets you lengthen and relax your muscles at a deeper level. Let’s take some time to explore Yin yoga and the benefits the yoga discipline can offer.

    The Benefits of Yin Yoga Classes

    Improve your range of motion:

    Yin yoga has a focus on holding certain poses for a long period of time to deepen the connection with muscles and release tension in the body. This improves circulation and flexibility which means increased range of motion. For this reason, Yin yoga is a great option for people recovering from injury or who undertake strength and resistance training.

    Reduce stress and anxiety:

    If your primary reason for starting yoga is to try to reduce your stress and anxiety, Yin yoga is a great choice. Yin practice focuses on giving you the space to relax and breathe throughout each movement so you switch off.

    Target connective tissue:

    Yin yoga plays an important role in stretching the connective tissue and fascia tissue of the body. Rather than risk causing damage to your connective tissue with sudden movement, Yin yoga allows your body to relax into slow, lengthy stretches which prevents the connective tissue from shortening.

    Connect with your body:

    It’s so easy to lose our connection with our bodies in our day to day life. With regular Yin yoga practice, you can rebuild your mind and body connection as you hold each pose. With each breath, you’ll be aware of your body and find yourself becoming more mindful.

    Engage the parasympathetic nervous system:

    With the slow, gentle movements and deep breathing which comes with Yin yoga practice, your sympathetic nervous system, which controls your fight or flight response, is able to take some time out and let your parasympathetic nervous system take over. This can reduce your blood pressure, improve digestion and boost immune function.

    Focus on self-care:

    Doing something positive for ourselves is, sadly, quite often at the bottom of the priority list. Going along to regular Yin yoga classes is a positive way to practice self-care and take some time out to focus on your own physical and mental wellbeing.

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