• The Gift Of Vitality, With Kaya’s Personal Training Christmas Presents

    Do you want to get a present this year that will make you happier and healthier?
    Do you know someone who would love the chance to energise their lifestyle with supportive and experienced guidance?

    Personal Training Classes

    Kaya Health Clubs Gift Vouchers And Personal Training

    Every year, the amount of stuff we’re expected to own outdoes itself.
    Now we need phones, laptops, tablets, the latest clothes, the trendiest homewares… It seems as though we are absolutely swamped with ideas for presents for each other, but there are times when they can just feel hollow. Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not bad to want these things – but it’s also not bad to put them into perspective. Sometimes, we just need reminding that there are some truly life-changing gifts which can mean so much more.

    For some, it might be a new bike so that they can get out and explore without jumping on the tram. For others, it might be a new bestseller to bury their nose in and become lost in another world. At Kaya, you can find another gift of self-love and care – personally tailored fitness training.

    Personal training sessions are perfect for anyone – the most experienced gym junkie can try something new, a moderate trainer might revel in the challenge, and a less-active lifestyle often craves something motivating and energising to rev the engines. The real essence of the gift is the inherent nature of self-care that accompanies it. Unless you or your loved one are fitness-lovers, there may be times when putting yourself first seems too difficult, or other aspects of the budget take priority. The gift of personal training asks that you give yourself permission to put your wellbeing first – no excuses to put anything else first. With lasting effects including improved strength, speed, agility, balance, confidence, self-awareness, and knowledge, this gift paves the way for a lifetime of good habits and healthy mindsets.

    Personal Training

    Our Melbourne CBD and Prahran studio both offer personal training, with one-on-one sessions to provide knowledge and motivation as you begin your wellbeing journey of 2017. Or, if you choose to give someone the gift of personal training, you could be igniting a passion for wellbeing that will continue to help them grow physically, emotionally, and mentally. Kaya Health Clubs is promoting gift vouchers, available at reception for any denomination, and redeemable for a variety of services. Talk to our friendly team at reception to learn more about our festive season gift vouchers.

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