• Top 10 Tips for Combatting Daily Stress

    Top 10 Tips for Combatting Daily Stress

    High levels of stress are an all too common problem for many of us and it can have a serious impact on both our physical and mental health. At Kaya, we’re not just about physical fitness in melbourne – we’re also passionate about improving your overall wellbeing and helping you manage the pressures of daily life. Today, we’ll be taking you through some of our favourite tips for managing stress.

    Top 10 Tips for Combatting Daily Stress

    Avoid caffeine:

    If you’re feeling particularly stressed, try to stay away from caffeine. Caffeine can raise your cortisol levels and heighten your stress. If you can’t do without coffee, limit your intake or try a choosing non-caffeinated alternative like a chai or tumeric latte from the Kaya Espresso Bar.

    Take some time out:

    Remember that you don’t need to say yes to everything. Taking some time out for yourself can really help reduce your stress levels, so make sure you have the occasional night in where you can relax.

    Improve time management:

    For a lot of people, stress comes from poor time management. Focus on getting organised with a daily task list, adding appointments into the calendar immediately, and planning ahead.

    Practice gratitude:

    It may sound simple but practicing gratitude on a daily basis can really help improve your mental wellbeing. Each day, simply write down things that you’re grateful for – it’s as easy as that!

    Connect with others:

    Humans are social creatures and a stressful weeks can seem much more manageable when you connect with others. Remember to schedule time with family and friends to help with your work-life balance.

    Write it down:

    Are you being kept awake at night worrying? Writing down what’s bothering you can be incredibly helpful as it gets it out of your head and onto the paper.


    Improve sleep habits:

    Everything seems worse when you’re tired, which is why good quality sleep is so important to give your body a change to repair. Schedule a regular bedtime, ensure your room is nice and dark, and turn off your phone.


    Unplug technology:

    Technology can contribute to daily stress when you find yourself glued to social media or checking your work email after hours. Set yourself limitations on your use of technology – especially in the evenings!


    Practice meditation:

    Meditation, even for a few minutes each day, is something all of us should be doing. Go along to yoga for guided meditation at the end or simply focus on your breath for a few minutes each day.



    Prioritise exercise:

    There have been numerous studies outlining the positive impact the exercise can have on stress. Schedule in regular exercise sessions to help relieve tension and improve sleep.

    Kaya Health Clubs are passionate about helping our members find their mind body connection to help you find your balance.  We offer you a tranquil escape from your busy life so you can take some time for yourself. With us, there’s no pressure or ego and our team are ready to support you on your health and wellbeing journey. Join the Kaya family today!

    To learn more about Kaya’s state of the art facilities, visit our fitness studio in Melbourne CBD or our Prahran location.

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