• Group Fitness Classes at Kaya: What we offer, and how to know if it’s right for you.

    Group Fitness Classes at Kaya: What we offer, and how to know if it’s right for you.

    It can be daunting setting a goal, and not knowing how to reach it. Especially when the options are overwhelming, and you’re equally bombarded with information from fit friends about what you should be doing, and how you should be doing it. At Kaya, we like to stick to the facts.

    Our Group Fitness Classes are designed to help you reach your maximum health and wellness — whatever that may be.

    We know that self-motivation isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to fall completely on you. That’s where we come in. At Kaya, we provide a range of dynamic Group Fitness Classes designed to exercise your body, engage your mind, and benefit your overall wellbeing.

    With dedicated and passionate instructors planning classes for any and every day of the week, allow us to do the work — until it’s time for you to.

    Fitness has to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. That’s why all our members have access to unlimited Group Fitness Classes — so you have a chance to try them all.

    This is what Kaya can offer you, and how to know if it’s right for you. Because if it’s not, we will have something that is.

    Group Fitness Classes at Kaya


    It’s not fun to think about walking into your first Yoga class, only to see someone balancing precariously on blocks before realising you’ve forgotten to hire a mat.

    At Kaya, we’re not about showing off. We’re about keeping things authentic.

    Our exceptional, and highly experienced Yoga teachers approach all classes with care — dedicated to creating a space that is safe, calm and comfortable. Whether you’re a self proclaimed Yogi, or you’re not quite sure what that means yet, Kaya’s range of dynamic Yoga classes are designed to suit everyone.

    Yoga is not just about mindfulness and meditation. If you’re looking for a group fitness class that is aerobically challenging—whilst increasing muscle strength and full body balance—then Yoga is a great place to start.

    If you’re new to the practice altogether, try one of Kaya’s Hatha Yoga classes. Named the ‘mother’ of all Yoga, Hatha is like a Yoga class with a safety blanket. Focusing on physical and emotional wellbeing, Hatha is taken at a slow pace, incorporating simple breathing exercises paired with basic poses. We don’t want you to shy away from blocks or bolsters because you’re not sure how to use them. Hatha is the perfect introduction to the Yoga flow, aiming to build your confidence alongside poses and props.

    Kaya’s Vinyasa Classes are for those who like to throw themselves into the thick of it. If you’re ready for something strong and fast, try the ‘power flow’ of Yoga.

    At Kaya, all yoga equipment—including mats and props—is provided. So come to class with an open mind, because you won’t need much else. A drink bottle and small towel is probably a good idea too.

    See here for the full selection of traditional Yoga disciplines offered at Kaya.

    Reformer Pilates:

    Pilates classes are no longer about pink leotards and fluro leg warmers. They’re about benefits for your body.

    Designed to stretch, strengthen and align the body, Pilates uses small and precise movements alongside slow and controlled breathing. Our team of experienced and passionate Pilates instructors formulate their classes based on the traditional and authentic teachings of Joseph Pilates in Melbourne. If it’s strength you’re after, then Pilates could be just what you need — improving posture, stability and working the core.

    Learning to keep the core tight and the spine straight has its benefits in almost all aspects of everyday life. Whether you spend the day sitting at a desk and desperately need to improve your posture, or—who can blame you—you just want to work on your abs, our Pilates classes can help.

    Here at Kaya, we offer specialised Pilates and Pilates reformer classes.

    If you’ve never practised Pilates before, you might look at the reformer bed as something we’ve added to make things more difficult for you. We promise, we wouldn’t dare. Incorporating the Pilates reformer bed into your practice—alongside spring adjustments, blocks and props—creates the resistance, tension and movement needed to push yourself with Pilates. Our attentive instructors will always be there to guide and support you through the technique if you’re ever feeling lost.

    If just want to go back to basics, our mat Pilates classes are the best way to focus on stillness, whilst also working towards a body that is lean and strong.


    Not everyone wants to be a ballet dancer, but we can all pretend on the ballet bar. We’ve moved on from the days of point, pliés and pink — forget about perfect technique, and start thinking about challenging yourself.


    The Barre classes offered here at Kaya set us apart from the rest — incorporating the traditional techniques and methods used in ballet and dance training to provide a genuine Barre experience. Working head-to-toe on stability, alignment, postural strength and—as always— focusing on your core, Barre is about full body movement and muscle toning.

    If Pilates is for you, then Barre will be too. Integrating the essential elements of ballet and Pilates technique, Barre focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen, sculpt and tone your body.

    Our Barre classes will keep you on your toes — literally. But even if you have two left feet, Kaya’s Barre classes are suitable for all levels of experience or physical fitness. Whilst may expect to see you sweat, we’re definitely not asking for pirouettes.


    Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

    High-intensity and fast paced, our boxing classes here at Kaya aren’t for the faint hearted. Using boxing pads, we specialise in partner work — aiming to create an intimate and personalised training experience. Our strong and dedicated instructors will teach you how to do things right — how to punch, stand, move, position yourself and enjoy the thrill of a genuine boxing experience.


    There are countless benefits of boxing. Unlike most exercise, it requires every inch of your body to activate. Punching against resistance forces your legs, hips, glutes, back, shoulders, chest and arms to engage with force. By strengthening your muscles and increasing the flexibility of your joints, you’ll soon see toning in your arms, legs and butt muscles.

    For women in particular, boxing also serves as a self-defence tool. It’s an easy way to develop your strength, whilst encouraging self-motivation and quick thinking — helping you to feel less vulnerable in everyday life.

    Feel your power, and try one of our boxing classes here at Kaya. Embrace the safe and comfortable environment, and allow yourself to let go of unwanted stresses. Be empowered by the ability to defend yourself, and celebrate your new found strength.


    Don’t believe everything you hear about spin classes.

    At Kaya, we ease the burn with comfort and convenience at our modern Melbourne studios. Our fit and enthusiastic instructors are expert cyclists, with expert music taste. Find yourself energised by their motivated and interactive approach, and you’ll never feel behind the pack. Leave your helmet at home, and settle into a class that requires nothing but a willingness to work hard. It’s never a race at Kaya — so set your own pace, then go for it.

    With Kaya’s state-of-the-art Spinning™ facilities, there’s no need to ride in the rain, or find yourself weak from the heat. Instead, we offer the safety and support that is sometimes needed to ride fast, and furiously.

    Spinning™ is the ultimate exercise for burning calories, and being kind to your heart. According to Harvard Health, an hour long ride at a moderate intensity can burn between approximately 420 to 622 calories. That’s definitely something to ride home about.

    Lock into your pedals, and give one of our classes a spin

    Fitness Circuit:

    This is where you can have it all. Or, at least have a go at it all.

    Kaya’s Fitness Circuit classes are best suited to those with limited time, yet unlimited places to push themselves.

    Using the HIIT (high intensity interval training) method, Fitness Circuit classes are a fun and fast-paced full-body workout. If you often find yourself struggling to stay engaged by group fitness, try Kaya’s Fitness Circuit classes — with 12-18 dynamic exercise stations, you won’t have time to stop and think.

    Our circuits focus on strength and endurance. Ranging from resistance based and body weight exercises, to short bursts of cardiovascular drills paired with powerful plyometric stations — we keep things creative, in order to keep your mind and your body entertained.

    We know how hard self motivation can be — but we’re not here to let you quit. With one-on-one support from our attentive instructors, Kaya’s Fitness Circuit classes strike a balance between providing a challenge, and setting an individual pace that works for you.

    Remember not to sweat it when trying to decide what’s right — save that for the class! We’re here to help you to reach whatever health and wellness goals you set for yourself, no matter what class you choose. Because we mean it when we say it — they’re all good. In fact, they’re the best.

    See for yourself, and try a Group Fitness Class at Kaya today.

    Read here for more tips on choosing the right fitness class for you.

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