• Top 5 Reasons For Becoming A Pilates Teacher


    If you’re passionate about Pilates and are keen to share the benefits of this form of exercise, it might be time to think about turning your love of Pilates into a career. Becoming a Pilates teacher is an incredibly rewarding experience and allows you to do what you enjoy while also assisting others. If you’ve been thinking of looking into Pilates courses Melbourne to become a teacher yourself, we’re here to look at the main reasons you might want to consider this career path..

    You’re passionate about Pilates

    It’s so important to find a job that you’re passionate about and if you already love Pilates and look forward to each class, transitioning into becoming a teacher could be the perfect option for you. It won’t even feel like work when you’re given the opportunity to share your experience and passion with others. And best of all, you’re getting paid to do it!

    You want to improve people’s lives

    You would have already experienced the benefits of Pilates from your own practice and teaching gives you the chance to pass on these benefits to other people. From helping improve general strength and flexibility to assisting with more specific issues such as injury recovery or pregnancy, it’s so satisfying to see people improve through their regular Pilates practice.

    You want to improve your own knowledge

    Even if you’ve engaged in advanced Pilates practice for years, there’s always more to learn and the best way to improve your knowledge and technique is to teach others. You might not intend to go into teaching right away but attending a good quality Pilates teacher training course will inevitably improve your own practice and give you extra skills if you do want to teach in the future.

    You want to have fun

    Teaching Pilates is a far cry from being stuck at a desk all day. Instead, you’ll be in a fun and dynamic job which keeps you active while also helping others get the most out of their Pilate practice. As you get to know your regulars and seeing their improvement weeks after week, you’ll be looking forward to coming along to class just as much as they will!

    You’re looking for flexibility

    If you’ve been stuck in a nine to five job and are looking for more flexibility, teaching Pilates is perfect as it allows you to have more choice as to your availability for teaching classes. Whether you want to stick to business hours or the evenings and weekends work better for you, there are less constraints and you have more control over your time. The flexibility of teaching Pilates also means that it’s a perfect option as a second job.

    If you’re ready to turn your passion into a profession, KĀYA health clubs offer Pilates reformer courses for those who want to learn to become teachers themselves or for those who simply want to enhance their Pilates knowledge & techniques. Our Pilates instructor courses are carried out through the Elixr School of Pilates (ESOP) and are nationally endorsed by the Fitness Institute of Australia.

    For more information about Pilates teacher training courses, contact KĀYA today on 03 9090 1000.

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