• Top 6 Health and Fitness Myths

    Top 6 Health and Fitness Myths

    These days, we’re surrounded by information when it comes to health and fitness courses and it can be difficult to separate fact from fiction. At Kaya, we offer a range of fitness classes in Melbourne and we’ve heard a lot of myths around health and fitness which can act as roadblocks to meeting your goals. Today, we debunk some of these myths so you can get the facts right when it comes to your wellness journey.

    Top 6 Health and Fitness Myths

    You should stretch before exercising:

    A lot of people still think that a few stretches before exercising is the best way to avoid injury. In fact, stretching when the body isn’t warm probably isn’t going to do much. You’re much better off doing some dynamic movements, like jogging on the spot or swinging to arms and legs.

    You’ll get bulky from strength training:

    This is a common concern for women in particular who worry that a couple of weight sessions will lead to a bulky physique. The truth is that while weight training can give you a toned look, it can actually assist with weight loss.

    You can spot reduce fat:

    If you’ve tried to target certain areas to get rid of fat, you’re not alone – a lot of people think that spot reducing works! Unfortunately, you can’t zero in on specific areas of the body to lose fat and you need to work the whole body.

    You have to be fit to start exercise classes:

    So many people want to try an exercise class but don’t take the plunge because they’re worried about their lack of fitness. The truth is that most exercise classes are targeted towards all fitness levels and you can simply work at your own pace.

    You have to exercise every day:

    When you start exercising, don’t put yourself under too much pressure and assume you have to head off to your fitness club every day for results. While daily workouts work well for some people, it’s totally fine if you only get there once or twice a week.

    You need to push yourself when you exercise:

    This is true to an extent – it’s an exciting journey seeing what you’re capable of physically. However, you shouldn’t push yourself too far or you risk injuring yourself. Work within your limited and listen to your body.

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