• What to expect when you join a fitness club in Melbourne

    It may be something you have thought about, but you may be yet to take the plunge to start your new fitness journey.   It could be a fear of the unknown that is holding you back, so let’s look at what to expect when you join a fitness club in Melbourne.

    If you are looking to start a new fitness class, joining a premium fitness studio such as Kaya Health Clubs in Melbourne and Prahran, is a great place to start.  You may have a few queries that are making you apprehensive, but here are some answers to some common misconceptions.

    Man Taking A Fitness Class In Kaya Health Clubs Melbourne CBD

    What is a fitness class? Do I just run for an entire hour?

    Not at all. Kaya Health Clubs offer a high intensity interval training style of training, also known as HIIT.  Keeping your heart rate up and at a steady rate for an hour does not deliver the same workout as short sharp bursts of high intensity activity. This is where the term ‘interval’ comes in; there are ‘intervals’ in between your high intensity work out, where you heart rate can begin to go down, then after a pause you commence the high intensity activity again, thus pushing your body to increase your heart rate once again. This gives your body a greater workout, but also makes a fitness class more achievable as you know you get a short break to catch your breath between each exercise.

    Am I going to get bored? 1 hour is a long time to just be doing ‘exercise’

    You will definitely not be bored, and in fact, the 50-60 minutes will just fly by.  This is because the fitness class consists of 12 different stations that you will move between, and each station offers a different exercise, that will workout a different area of your body, ensuring you get an all over body workout. Training in a circuit style class means you never know what you are going to be doing each week, so there is no chance of getting bored with your fitness class.

    I’m not very fit, will I be able to keep up when I first start?

    The fitness classes at Kaya Health Clubs are designed to suit any fitness level.  The circuit style of high intensity interval training means that there will always be some activities you are more familiar with and some that can be unfamiliar to begin with, but with an expert fitness trainer to show you how to properly use the equipment and correct your technique, you will be able to participate and get a lot out of the fitness class from your very first visit.

    Don’t let nerves put you off trying something new, a fitness class is a great way to increase your endurance and burn calories in a fun and dynamic environment. If you would like to meet the fitness trainers and become involved in a regular fitness class, then call the team at Kaya Health Clubs to try a class 03 9090 1000.

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