• Why Autumn Mornings Are Perfect For Yoga Classes

    Autumn is a glorious middle-way season. The unforgiving chills of winter are still on the horizon, and the warmth of the summer sun has kissed our skin a bit too much by now. Time to sink into the season of yellowing leaves, hot chai, and stewed fruits that didn’t make it to sale in spring and summer, without the frostbitten melancholy of winter.
    With these brisk Melbourne mornings, what better time to pull on a thick sweater and warm socks over your yoga gear and head into Kaya’s yoga studios for our yoga classes?

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    Is Morning Yoga Better For You?

    The general consensus is yes. Overnight, your body has slowly digested your meals from the day before and absorbed the nutrients out of it. If you wake up and feel sluggish or bloated, you’ll know that something in your diet the day before hasn’t worked in your favour! Once you’ve emptied your bowels of the waste left behind and before eating breakfast, yoga is a great way to stimulate your internal organs without the added strain of bulky matter in your digestive tract. Get ready to feel energised and motivated as you wake up your body with a gentle yet invigorating yoga session!


    The benefits of yoga classes in the morning aren’t just physical – they’re mental too. You will start the day in a place of self-awareness and love, and this set the tone for how you think and react to the world throughout the day. You might be more likely to offer your seat on the tram to someone with groceries, and less likely to scowl at the kid who hasn’t moved to offer theirs.


    When we begin our day with love, we are far more likely to continue in the same way – morning yogis would be more inclined to select a healthy, well-rounded breakfast, while other Melburnians are hitting snooze and grabbing a large mocha with four sugars as they dash to work.

    Autumn Yoga

    There’s no ‘wrong’ time of the year to do yoga, but many yogis prefer Autumn and Spring for their morning practice. The cooler, crisp mornings make it harder to get out of bed than summer, but the body heat your produce during your yoga class will be far more appreciated than the dripping sweat you work up on the warmer days! Wintery mornings can be difficult on the muscles and just warming them up enough to become limber and comfortable can be a hurdle, making Autumn and Spring perfect.


    Autumn mornings vary, but there is something resoundingly rewarding about leaving the house at dawn with a scarf and sweater, and making your way into town while the city wakes up to enter your yoga sanctuary and share a morning ritual with other like-minded people. A fresh juice or hot chai for the journey home before beginning your day, and you’ll wonder how people could possibly stay in bed!

    If you’re interested in beginning your own sacred morning habits this Autumn, come into our Kaya Yoga classes to start your morning with the age-old practice of yoga. Introduce tranquillity into your body and mind before you do anything else each morning, and you’ll love the effect it has on your body and mind.

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    Kaya offers a range of yoga styles, from Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa, to Nidra and meditation. Our teachers are dedicated yogis with a passion for yoga and all of the benefits it brings. If you’re new to yoga, come in and experience a Hatha or Yin class guided by our attentive and welcoming teachers. These styles are slow and thorough, and are the perfect start to your yoga journey.