• Why Is Mat Pilates So Effective?

    For someone who has never experienced mat Pilates classes, it might look rather effortless. Movements are usually completed lying either on your front or back, and a controlled pace is encouraged – but it is a lot more challenging and rewarding than that.

    Every movement comes from the central principles of Pilates; like breath, balance, control, concentration, and fluidity of movement. This is as mentally challenging as it is physical, because your mind must constantly stay present throughout every fluctuation of movement and breath while your muscles are constantly stabilising and toning.

    A Woman Practising Mat Pilates At Kaya Health Clubs Melbourne

    Muscle Endurance and Flexibility

    Pilates is renowned for providing a low-impact, highly effective muscle training system. Each movement and exercise asks your body to hold a certain level of resistance or to stretch further, making mat Pilates the perfect exercise system for someone who wants to achieve a long, toned physique.


    Mat Pilates is one of the most effective core systems of training, which enhances every part of your daily life and physical ability. Your core is the main group of muscles in your body, including the abdomen, back, and glutes, and every other action is simply a lever attached. This is why a strong and conditioned core is so crucial to any form of movement, from basic posture to intensive exercise.

    Back Care

    Mat Pilates classes are perfect for the many people who suffer back pain or back issues. It can often be difficult to find a safe and effective system of exercise that cares for the back and spine, but mat Pilates is known to be especially healing for those with back pain or poor posture as it encourages postural symmetry. The managed exertion placed on the shoulder and hip joints helps to regain mobility, and takes the stress off the spine.

    A Woman Practising Mat Pilates At Kaya Health Clubs Melbourne

    Kaya Health Clubs offers mat Pilates classes across our Melbourne locations, as well as Pilates Introductory classes, Fundamentals classes, and Teacher Training courses through the nationally accredited Elixr School Of Pilates. For more information on these courses or to learn more about our memberships, contact our friendly team at reception.