• Why you should try Melbourne reformer Pilates for injury recovery

    With our fast-paced lifestyles, it’s no surprise that many of us suffer from injuries along the way which impact on our ability to go about our lives. Luckily, Pilates can offer a helping hand. Along with the general benefits that Pilates provides, it’s also highly effective when it comes to assisting with injuries. Wherever you live in Melbourne, from South Yarra, Windsor, Toorak and Malvern to North Melbourne, the CBD and South Melbourne, Pilates is an excellent option when it comes to helping with injury recovery.
    At KĀYA, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits of regular Pilates practice for both injury prevention and prevention and we’ll be sharing with you exactly how Pilates can help.

    Controlled recovery

    Many injuries, especially those suffered by athletes, are caused by people pushing themselves too far without realising the impact their actions may have on their body. In contrast, Pilates is all about slow, controlled movements with a focus on a neutral spine, core alignment and breathing techniques. This not only means that you have control over how far you push yourself with recovery but also generally teaches you the correct alignment to prevent further injury.

    Safe and low impact

    When you want to keep moving following injury but are worried about causing further damage, Pilates is a great option because it’s low impact and gentle on your joints. There are a number of modifications in Pilates which will allows you to improve your range of motion gently without causing further strain. Remember to always let your instructor know if you’re suffering from an injury so the appropriate modifications can be made.

    All about the breath

    Throughout your Pilates practice, you’ll be reminded to engage in slow, controlled breathing. This has a positive impact on your stress levels and can help your muscles relax as you get into your session. Your breath will relieve pressure points and relax injured parts of the body to assist in improving your range of motion, as well as providing better circulation to injured areas.

    Assists with muscular imbalance

    When you continuously work the same muscles over and over again, this can lead to muscular imbalance where some muscle groups are stronger than others. Although this may not sound like a problem, this imbalance can lead to serious strains, tears, pulls and other chronic injuries. Pilates can work to correct this imbalance as it strengthens every muscle group in the body, rather than focusing on a few select areas.

    KĀYA Health Clubs provide a range of genuine Pilates classes with an emphasis on strengthening and lengthening all the muscles of your body. Along with reformer and mat Pilates classes, we also provide Clinical Pilates which is designed to treat a range of conditions and injuries. If you’re unsure which Pilates option is best for you, speak to one of the experienced team members at KĀYA and we can make specific recommendations.
    For Melbourne Pilates in the CBD or Prahran, contact KĀYA Health Clubs today on 03 9090 1000. Our clubs are conveniently located in Prahran and the Melbourne CBD.

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