• Yoga for meditation: finding your inner calm

    Yoga and meditation go hand in hand and this ancient discipline has always placed an emphasis on the mind and body connection. If the idea of meditation has never particularly appealed to you, yoga provides a gentle introduction to the practice of quieting your mind and becoming present in the moment.
    When it comes to yoga for meditation, beginners and advanced participants alike quickly discover the serenity and mindfulness that comes with their regular practice. Here at KĀYA, we provide a number of traditional yoga classes and today we’ll be looking at how meditation through yoga can help promote inner peace and calm.

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    Mindfulness through breath

    Yoga teaches you to become aware of your breath and to use your breath purposely during your practice. The focus on your breath encourages you to be present in the moment as you move through your controlled movements and leads to improved connectedness with the body. When you learn to breathe purposefully during yoga, you’ll find yourself feeling calmer and more centred with lowered stress levels. Controlled breathing also engages your parasympathetic nervous system which lowers your heart rate and improves blood flow.

    Poses to prepare your mind

    If you have trouble quieting your mind enough for meditation, yoga helps to prepare the body for relaxation as you move through your poses. In fact, yoga poses were originally developed to prepare the mind for meditation. As you embrace the flow during your yoga practice, you’ll notice a sense of stillness as you get rid of restless thoughts and embrace the moment. Remember, yoga is not only intended to strengthen the body but also to strengthen your mind. Not only does yoga foster calm and serenity, it also gives your brain an energising boost and allows you to think with more clarity.

    Purposeful meditation

    It’s common practice for your yoga class to end with a guided meditation where verbal cues are used to encourage deep relaxation and total peace throughout the body. Experienced teachers will use cues to make sure you’re remembering your breath and to help you release tension throughout the body. Even if you’ve never practiced meditation previously, the poses and breath that come before your meditation mean that your mind and body are already in a state of relaxation to facilitate an easy transition into meditation.

    Whether you’re looking for yoga for beginners or you’re an experienced yogi, KĀYA offer an authentic yoga experience through a range of traditional forms of yoga. We understand the important link between yoga and meditation and the profound benefits it provides. We offer Yoga Nidra, which is a deep relaxation practice using verbal cues, as well as guided meditation following our traditional yoga styles. Experience yoga with KĀYA and find your own inner peace in the peaceful surrounds of our studio.
    If you’re looking for a yoga studio in the Melbourne CBD or Prahran, contact KĀYA Health Clubs to start your yoga journey.