• Back to Basics: The Benefits Of Introductory Yoga Courses

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    Yoga is an ancient discipline which focuses on the connection between the mind and body and there
    is so much for you to learn when you first set out on your yoga journey. When it comes to enhancing
    your yoga practice, introductory yoga courses are the perfect way to familiarise yourself with yoga and get the most out of your experience. These courses are highly recommended for beginners but are also beneficial for experienced yogis who want to learn more about their practice.

    Learn the history of the practice

    Whether you’re interested in the spiritual side of yoga or are just looking for a low impact way to
    improve strength and flexibility, an introductory course will give you the knowledge you need to
    really make a connection with your yoga practice. Yoga has a history dating back over 3,000 years
    and understanding the philosophies underlying the various yoga disciplines will help deepen your
    understanding. From Hatha and Vinyasa to Yin and Nidra, there is a whole world of yoga for you to
    learn about!

    Practice correct form and technique

    It’s essential that you carry out your yoga practice safely and using correct technique. Although your
    teacher will offer support and guidance during each class, attending an introductory class will teach
    you the correct form and how to carry out the various exercises to achieve maximum results. You’ll
    also be introduced to the terminology which will be used during each class so it’s familiar to you
    when you begin. Yoga places a lot of emphasis on the importance of breath and you’ll be shown how
    breath is incorporated into each class. Even if you’ve been going along to yoga classes for some time, having a refresher on the correct technique can be very helpful. During your course, you can also discuss any specific concerns you might have, such as an injury, so you can find out whether you need to use any modifications during your classes.

    Helps with confidence on your yoga journey

    The most important thing that an introductory yoga course can give you is confidence when starting
    on your yoga journey. Instead of walking into the class with trepidation and not knowing what to
    expect, you’ll have a great knowledge base to work from. With the help of your introductory course,
    you’ll find yourself quickly becoming immersed in your yoga practice and experiencing the benefits
    of this ancient discipline first hand. KĀYA Health Clubs provide group based yoga lessons with a selection of traditional disciplines for you to choose from, as well as offering complimentary yoga introductory courses for our members. Our classes are a calming escape from your hectic day to day life as our experienced teachers guide you through your yoga practice. We provide yoga lessons in Melbourne from our CBD and Prahran

    For beginner yoga lessons or to learn more about our introductory courses, contact KĀYA today on
    (03) 9090 100 to begin your yoga journey. The following sources were used in the preparation


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