• Choosing the Best Pilates Studio In Melbourne


    Pilates is an effective full body workout and the more classes you attend, the more benefits you’ll begin to notice. To ensure you continue to enjoy your regular Pilates practice, it’s important you get the right fit with your Pilates studio. If you’ve been searching for a Pilates studio in Melbourne, there are a few things to look for to ensure you have the best experience possible.

    Do they use genuine Pilates method?

    These days, Pilates is very popular and there can be a number of different variations when it comes to the classes on offer. However, authentic Pilates method remains the safest and most effective option and is dedicated to the original method taught by Joseph Pilates with a focus on strength, control and flexibility. For the best results, check that your teachers practice genuine mat and reformer Pilates method.

    Do they offer mat and reformer Pilates?

    Mat and pilates reformer classes have similar principles but work your body in different ways. For this reason, it’s great if you can find a studio which offer both forms of Pilates so you can mix it up when you want to. Having mat and reformer Pilates means you’re less likely to get bored and have access to the full Pilates experience.

    Will they work with all levels or experience?

    You don’t want to go along to your new Pilates studio only to find that the exercises are far too advanced or that you’re not being challenged enough. A good Pilates studio will offer classes which cater to all levels of experience and your teacher should be comfortable with providing the appropriate modifications to ensure that you’re being challenged at the right level.

    Are the teachers qualified?

    It’s so important that you choose a Pilates studio where the teachers are properly accredited by a reputable institute. You need to be confident that your teacher has the necessary knowledge to ensure that all exercises are being carried out safely and that you’re being offered the right modifications if you have specific issues, such as injuries. Check that your studio has a high standard with their teachers and that they have the appropriate qualifications.

    Is there a range of class times?

    You don’t want to sign up to a seemingly perfect Pilates studio only to find that they only have limited class times that just don’t fit with your lifestyle. Make sure your studio offers a number of different time slots, including after hours and on weekends, so you can easily fit your Pilates practice around your everyday life. If you only have limited class times, you’re unlikely to attend regularly.

    KĀYA Health Clubs offer mat and reformer Pilates classes in our state of the art Melbourne studios. We’re passionate about helping you achieve your health and wellness goals and our experienced teachers will offer support and encouragement as you develop in your Pilates practice. We offer a wide variety of class times available to make it easier for you to fit Pilates into your schedule.

    For authentic reformer and mat Pilates in Melbourne, speak to the team at KĀYA today on 03 9090 1000. We have convenient locations in both the Melbourne CBD and Prahran.

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