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  • Is a Pilates class harder than a Yoga class?

    Well, that just depends on who you ask! Like any physical discipline, practice makes perfect, but at the same time, everyone has to start somewhere.

    Pilates vs Yoga At Kaya Health Clubs In Melbourne CBD

    For someone who takes regular Pilates classes in Melbourne, the first time you try a yoga class may be somewhat of a challenge, as your body learns to transition into the different poses, using different muscles that have become so familiar with Pilates.

    Likewise, an established Yogi, may find themselves working new muscle groups as they become accustomed to movements of the Pilates reformer bed.

    So the question isn’t necessarily which one is harder, more; which discipline is right for you?

    In Melbourne, Yoga and Pilates classes often take place at different locations, with different instructors so it can be hard to decide where to start.  Kaya Health Clubs are unique in that they offer both yoga and Pilates under the one roof, along with spinning, barre, fitness circuit and boxing.  This gives you the luxury of being able to try different classes at the one location, and work out which is best for you.

    Yoga classes can be beneficial for people wanting to have a guided journey through relaxation and tension release, or can be a way to access and stimulate tissue that isn’t reached during a regular cardio workout. The different types if yoga classes can help you focus on your particular goals.

    With classes at Kaya Health Clubs such as: Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Nidra or Yoga with guided meditation, the experience and outcome can be extremely different.

    Pilates on the other hand is a very different technique, which takes practice to achieve the optimal benefit.  With a focus on strengthening the core, Pilates classes in Melbourne can greatly improve the health and wellbeing of those with a sedentary lifestyle due to long work hours at a desk. Aimed at building the strength of your inner core, which in turn supports the frame of the body, areas of the body that suffer aches or pains due to muscle fatigue or weakness of the spine can be relieved by strengthening the bodies main support structure, the spine. As with yoga, there are also different class options; Kaya Health Clubs specialize in both Reformer and Mat Pilates classes.

    While Pilates reformer classes can be a fun and challenging experience as you build up your skill and flexibility using the customised reformer bed, a mat class could be better suited if you are after a low impact option, which makes it suitable for all shapes, sizes and ages.

    Both Pilates and Yoga offer the benefit of increased muscle strength and greater flexibility, so it can be hard to tell at first glance which class is right for you. The team at Kaya Health Clubs in Melbourne, are happy to chat to you about your health concerns or your personal goals, and suggest a class you might like to try.


    So, while both yoga and Pilates classes have their different challenges in terms of technique and skill requirements, the best way to achieve the flexibility and the strength required to achieve a maximum benefit, is to get started today!  Call and speak to the knowledgeable team at Kaya Health Clubs, to start your health and wellness journey. 03 9090 1000.

    About the Author

    Demi fell in love with yoga when she travelled to India when she was 20 years old. She loved the feeling of bliss she experienced both during and after class, and how that feeling would stay with her throughout her day. It was also in India, that Demi learned how much she loved to write about her travels. She believes that stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, challenge. They help us understand. They imprint a picture in our minds. This led her to her job as a Content Writer. She loves helping businesses tell stories. Especially when the stories involve educating readers on the endless benefits of yoga and Pilates- two of her most loved fitness regimes
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