• How to stay healthy during times of stress

    For many of us, busy work days, hectic families or looming assignments are a fact of life.  We all know we should strive for a healthy work/life balance, but every now and then, factors beyond our control come into play, and we find ourselves feeling the pressure a little more than usual.  Everyone knows its important to keep stress at a minimum, but for those times when we hit a busy patch, when we are striving for a particular goal, that can be easier said than done.


    During these times, your physical health can start to suffer; late nights mean less sleep, less time for socialising and relaxing, eating on the run, poor posture from sitting at a desk and most importantly, less time for exercising.


    When we neglect our health and wellbeing, the side effects can be felt instantly in the form of lethargy and apathy, our skin might start to look dull and sallow from long hours indoors, and we might just generally start to feel sluggish and unmotivated.  But with a few tricks up your sleeve, you should be able to get through these busy times with poise and grace as you take care of your mind and body, and nurture your own wellbeing.

    Staying Healthy In Times Of Stress At Kaya Health Clubs In Melbourne

    Your Spinning

    While your head might be spinning with everything you are juggling, try to liberate some of that stress  with a cycling class in Melbourne.  Nothing releases the endorphins and helps to promote a good night’s sleep like an invigorating spin class. Kaya Health Clubs offer cycling classes in Melbourne, that allow you to increase your heart rate which in turn increases your circulation, which helps flush toxins from your body.

    Move and Stretch

    Yoga classes and mat Pilates classes in Melbourne, are a fabulous way to stretch out and release all the tension that has built up in your muscles during the day. With a range of yoga and Pilates classes available at Kaya Health Clubs, one membership allows you to indulge in as many classes as you need, to let go of that stress and allow your body to untangle and slow down.

    Fuel Up

    When you are short of time and in a rush, it can be hard to find time to cook a balanced and nutritious meal. However, times of stress are when it is most important to keep your body healthy inside and out, so fueling up on highly salted and saturated fat laden take away food, can actually leave you feeling even worse.  If you need to grab a take away meal in a hurry, try making a conscious effort to choose a meal that isn’t fried, and contains a balance of vegetables and low GI carbohydrates to keep you feeling full for longer. Kaya Health Clubs also have a Nutritionist service available that can offer guidance as to what your body needs to keep it healthy.


    If you feel you might need an outlet to release some of your tension, call and speak to the team at Kaya Health Clubs, with a range of health and fitness classes that can keep you moving, you can keep your body physically active which will greatly benefit your overall wellbeing. (03) 9090 1000.