• How to Up the Ante in Your Barre Classes In Melbourne

    A Barre Class At Kaya Health Clubs In Melbourne CBD

    When you first start barre classes, it can be so deceptive. It might feel like those teeny tiny movements aren’t actually achieving anything but, oh boy, you certainly feel the burn the next day! However, if you’ve been going along to barre classes for a while, you might find yourself getting a bit too comfortable. If that’s the case, today we’ll be looking at how you can increase the intensity in your next barre class to really get results.

    Lift those heels

    Much of your barre workout will be spent with your heels raised during the various exercises to challenge the muscles in your lower body, particularly your ankles and calves. Keep an eye on your heels during your class and make sure they stay properly lifted – a lot of people lower their heels as the workout progresses to make it easier without even realising it. If you focus on keeping those heels lifted, you’ll be getting a much more intense workout. Just remember to support your body weight on the balls of your feet rather than rotating outwards and putting pressure on the little toes.

    Keep it low

    One of the easiest ways to make your barre workout more challenging is to go lower during the various exercises such as plies and lunges. Going even an inch lower can make a huge difference to the intensity of the exercise and you’ll be feeling your muscles the next day. Also, don’t cheat when you’re doing your pulses – aim to stay low and pulse even deeper with each rep. It’s hard but it’s worth it!

    Focus on technique

    Working on your barre technique ensures that you’re challenging the right muscles and getting the best results possible. Rather than just going through the motions, try focusing on getting your technique spot on and concentrate on contracting your muscles correctly during each exercise. Simply by practicing barre with intent and making an effort to continuously improve your technique can make all the difference to the intensity of the workout.

    Try the advanced modifications

    Throughout your barre class, your teacher will provide a number of modifications to increase the intensity of the workout. Rather than sticking to your normal routine, give the advanced modifications a try for an additional challenge even if it’s only for a couple of reps. You can also let your teacher know before class that you need more of a challenge and they can make some simple suggestions.

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