Barre Classes

KAYA Barre Classes

KAYA Health Clubs adheres to genuine Barre methods which have evolved from the practices around ballet and dance training to offer an premium class based on lengthening and toning muscles. Our members use Barre to create a lean, dancers’ body, with an emphasis on activating the correct muscle groups.


Every Barre exercise class seamlessly incorporates the concepts of Pilates, classical ballet, and functional movement, to create a fitness class focused on alignment and postural strength. By maintaining current knowledge in the latest advances of sports science and understanding the benefits of the traditional principles of Pilates (Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Breath, and Flow), our passionate Barre instructors can help you to sculpt and tone your body.
KAYA Barre classes are among Melbourne’s leading Barre fitness classes, where we maintain effective core strength and utilisation for maximum safety and results.

Why are KAYA Barre Classes so beneficial for fitness?

Barre-Fitness-Classes-In-Melbourne Most movements and methods of exercise rely on a strong core to provide solid support, and poor form or muscular injury is usually sustained when activities are attempted without this strong foundation of strength. KAYA Barre builds and defines muscles as well as allowing you to feel length and stability within your core- which enables you to find more movement and confidence in all other areas of life.


Benefits Of A Strong Core:

While many exercises focus on isolated muscle groups, this can often result in a neglected core- which can result in injury due to poor technique. Your core is where your centre of stability and strength is based, and every other movement can only act as an extension. A strong core will help you stand taller, sit straighter, move with agility and balance, and utilise the rest of your body with more power and strength.


Achieve a dancer’s body and joy in movement under the careful tutelage of our Barre teachers, who have many years of experience in forms of dance and Pilates before venturing into the certification and accreditation to become a KAYA Barre teacher.


KAYA Health Clubs has developed Barre to be suitable for members of all levels.

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