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Strength doesn’t have to come from lifting weights.

Blending elements from a plethora of exercise methods spanning ballet, dance, yoga, Pilates and more, KĀYA is dedicated to training students using genuine methodologies through each of our Barre classes. This diverse discipline aims to lengthen and tone muscles, with an emphasis on activating the correct muscle groups, with a focus on your arms, legs and core.

KĀYA’s Barre classes seamlessly incorporate the concepts of Pilates, classical ballet, and functional movement to create a fitness class centred on alignment and postural strength. By maintaining current knowledge in the latest advances of sports science and understanding the benefits of the traditional principles of Pilates (Posture and Alignment, Breathing, Centering – The Core, Control, Stability and Mobility, and Concentration), our experienced and qualified instructors can help you to sculpt and tone your body.

KĀYA Barre classes are among Melbourne’s leading Barre fitness classes, where we maintain effective core strength and utilisation for maximum results in a safe, inclusive environment. Whether you are well-versed and experienced in Barre or are looking to spice up your exercise routines with something new, our teachers will be able to cater your Barre classes to your comfort and skill level.

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Kaya Health Club
Kaya Health Club


Most movements and methods of exercise rely on a strong core to provide solid support. Because of this, poor form is common, and muscular injuries can be sustained when activities are attempted without this strong foundation of core strength. KĀYA Barre classes build and define muscles while allowing you to feel length and stability within your core, enabling you to find more movement and confidence in all other areas of life.


While many exercises focus on isolated muscle groups, this can result in a neglected core, often leading to injury due to poor technique. Your core is where your centre of stability and strength is based, and every other movement can only act as an extension. A strong core will help you stand taller, sit straighter, move with agility and balance, and utilise the rest of your body with more power and strength. 


As One of Melbourne’s First Mind and Body Health Clubs, Discover KĀYA for yourself.


Achieve strong muscles and joy in movement under the careful tutelage of our Barre teachers.  Each has had many years of experience in dance and Pilates before venturing into certification and accreditation to become a teacher for KĀYA’s Barre classes.


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Yoga and Pilates Classes in Melbourne
Achieve strong muscles and joy in movement under the careful tutelage of our Barre teachers, who have many years of experience in forms of dance and Pilates before venturing into the certification and accreditation to become a KAYA Barre teacher.

KAYA Health Clubs has developed Barre to be suitable for members of all levels. Our Barre classes are led by experienced instructors who have years of experience in dance and Pilates. They will help you get the most out of your workout, whether you’re a beginner or a pro.

Your instructor will give you plenty of options to make the class as challenging or comfortable as you like – and will always be on hand to offer helpful advice, correct technique, and above all, encouragement and support!

Our classes are suitable for all levels so you can take it at your own pace. So come and join us for a workout that’s guaranteed to leave you feeling strong, recharged and full of energy!

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