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KĀYA Boxing & Fitness Circuit Classes

KĀYA Health Clubs offers members a variety of classes to train with boxing methodology, for a full-body workout of functional exercise with ferocity and fun. Build power and condition muscle with the attentive guidance from our passionate Boxing instructors. Across our Melbourne locations, our Boxing classes are a time of release and invigoration and are suitable for beginners to advanced.


Our inspiring Boxing instructors have extensive backgrounds in Boxing and martial arts and in overall group training to ensure that our members are receiving a genuine experience from KĀYA Boxing. Inners must be worn please bring to each class or purchase from reception.

Box Fitness Circuit

Box Fitness Circuit incorporates the training and conditioning practices of Boxing to develop a training circuit for improved cardiovascular fitness and strength. This circuit-based class is designed as a full-body workout with a fast-pace and high intensity to get the blood pumping.


Experience 15-20 minutes of boxing training followed by a high-intensity cardio circuit, centred around the scientifically proven benefits of high-intensity interval training – ideal for cardiovascular health and calorie/fat burning. Conducted by our dedicated BFC instructors, this circuit can be achieved by many fitness levels, as you get out as much as you put in.

Express Boxing

To experience the dynamic pace and high intensity behind Boxing, Express Boxing offers the chance to spend a session specialising in partner work. Using focus pads and gloves, members will receive an energetic workout based around the techniques of Boxing. Our instructors are experienced in boxing and martial arts, and can offer you advice on correct form and perfect technique, as you release tension and learn the art of boxing

Benefits of KĀYA Boxing

  • Efficient Calorie Burning
    Boxing involves powerful movements, which harness your inner energy stores to burn fat and develop new muscle, even after your session has ended.

  • Improved Muscle Tone.
    Using fast, repetitive actions, your muscles will become sculpted, agile, and lean.

  • Form Strong Bones and Ligaments.
    With the use of the resistance training that we find in Boxing, joints, tendons, and ligaments will receive conditioning and strengthening- helping to protect them from future injuries.

  • Improved Cardiovascular Fitness.
    With the fast-pace of Boxing movement, the output of your heart and lungs is increased, improving your ability to transport and efficiently use oxygen in the body.

  • Stress Relief
    While KĀYA Boxing is an effective physical training method, the actions can be hugely cathartic; to release any stress and anxieties in a safe, controlled environment. This can be instantly refreshing and rewarding to the mind, as well as fulfilling the physical body.

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