Bookings F.A.Q

Q. I keep getting the below ‘the change you wanted was rejected’ error message. What is the issue?

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A. This means your browser is set to BLOCK cookies. You need to ALLOW cookies in order to access our online booking system.

Q. How many classes can I book per day?

A. Members can book 1 x class per-day. If you want to attend a second class, simply see reception 15 minutes or less prior to class commencement and if there is space available they will book you in.

Q. How far in advance can I book classes and when are they released?


A. Classes can be booked 3 days in advance and are released at midnight. The system automatically activates the following day’s classes and we are unable to change the time the class schedule is released.

Q. Will, I receive an SMS or e-mail notification when I add myself to the waitlist?


A. NO you will not receive a notification when you add yourself to a waitlist. However, you WILL receive a notification when you are bumped FROM the waitlist into a class. This can occur up to 3 hours prior to class commencement. Be aware, if you are on a waitlist for an early morning class you could be bumped in overnight, so if you will not be up early enough to check if you have been bumped in, it’s best to remove yourself from the waitlist before bed otherwise late cancel/no-show fees apply. Please note you MUST have sms/e-mail notifications enabled on your account to receive notifications.

Q. How do I check what classes I am booked into or waitlisted for or how do I cancel a class or waitlist?


A.  Simply access your class schedule (see below).

Q. I’ve selected ‘Need New Password’ and entered my e-mail address when trying to activate my account, but I keep getting the below ‘could not find user’ error message. What is the issue?

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A. This means we have the incorrect e-mail address on file for you. Please e-mail your full name, mobile number and updated e-mail address. We will respond within 48 business hours when your email address has been updated and you can activate your account.

Q. I’ve tried creating a new profile, but I keep getting the below ‘user does not have permission’ error message.

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A. This is because you should NOT be trying to create a new profile. Existing Kaya Members already have profiles created. You need to select ‘Need New Password then enter your e-mail to activate your account.

Q. I’ve forgotten my password.

A. No worries, simply head to select ‘My Account’ then ‘Need New Password’ and another password reset link will be sent to you.

Q. I’m trying to activate my account / book classes via the Mind Body App but it’s not working. What is the issue?

A. This is because Kaya is NOT on the Mind Body App. You will need to activate your account and book classes via our website bookings page (mobile and desktop friendly).

To re-watch the account activation videos or view the step-by-step account activation instructions click HERE.
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