Pregnancy at Kaya



Pregnancy is a wonderful time in any mother’s life. At KAYA, the safety of Mum & Bub is our main priority. As part of our duty of care to you and your child, we have important procedures you need to be aware of in the event you fall pregnant. Please read through the following information carefully…

  • We require written clearance from your Doctor

Please submit written clearance from your GP/treating practitioner specifying it is safe for you to exercise PRIOR to you attending the club. This can be submitted to reception, or to our Member Services Team. Your GP must also specify in the letter which style(s) of exercise you have been cleared to participate in (i.e Pilates/Yoga). If you require to freeze your membership whilst waiting for clearance, click here.

  • We require you to read & sign our pregnancy acknowledgement form and encourage you to read our pregnancy information pack

Upon notifying us you are pregnant and prior to attending the club, you must complete our Pregnancy Acknowledgment Form**.

Please also read through our  Pilates Pregnancy information pack.

  • You must participate in a one-on-one with a certified Teacher (GRC only)

All pregnant members who wish to participate in Group Reformer classes must undertake a Pregnancy one-on-one session(s) with a Kaya Certified Pregnancy teacher PRIOR to attending class.

Sessions are 45 minutes and the cost is $60 paid directly to the teacher.

Pregnant members must be signed off by a certified teacher in order to continue with Group Reformer classes at Kaya.


To book your one-on-one simply connect with Member Services at your club by clicking the links below.

*GP clearance and Pregnancy Acknowledgement form must be submitted to Kaya prior to your one-on-one session.

** This form is for EXISTING members only. If you are a new member, please contact us for more information regarding getting started whilst pregnant.
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