• January Mantras For Your New Year Yoga Lessons

    The word ‘mantra’ gets bandied about sometimes, and some yogis may not see where the meanings become separate and where they converge. Many of us have heard of a personal mantra or a business mantra - but these are really more like slogans or quotes than what we understand ‘mantra’ to mean in yogi terms.
  • Looking For Something New? Try Pilates Reformer Classes This Year

    Are you looking for a new way to freshen up your year, and try something different? Our Pilates Reformer classes are the perfect way for everyone in Melbourne to experience the true benefits of Pilates, from beginner to advanced What Is The Reformer? The Pilates Reformer is renowned for its unique purpose and efficacy. The
  • What Does A Melbourne Sports Nutritionist Do?

    A sports nutritionist is a specialised field which involves an in-depth understanding of the human body and how foods affect our performance, particularly relating to sports and fitness. This kind of knowledge can completely change how athletes train, but everyone can benefit from a consultation with a nutritionist. For many people across Melbourne, the cost
  • Become An Inspiring Instructor With Pilates Teacher Training

    When we come across a bubbling source of inspiration in our lives, we should cherish and nourish it. It might be a book, a parent, a mantra, or a partner. Many of us on our Pilates journey can remember a certain teacher or Pilates figure who inspires us to aim higher in our practice -
  • Ever Wanted To Ask About Our Melbourne Chiropractor?

    Plenty of people across Melbourne have heard of a chiropractor, but many of them are still confused about what a chiropractor can actually do - and with a very refined set of techniques and remedial therapies, you could expect a little confusion. The best chiropractor in Melbourne CBD is tucked away at our Kaya Health
  • Research Proves Why Our Melbourne Pilates Instructors Say To ‘Breathe’

    Have you ever caught yourself mid-Pilates with a tightened ribcage, and realised that you’d been holding your breath or breathing shallowly? It’s something that we often do during exercise without noticing, and often it takes a subtle prompt to remind us to breathe again and experience the deep benefits that it adds to our Pilates.
  • The Gift Of Vitality, With Kaya’s Personal Training Christmas Presents

    Do you want to get a present this year that will make you happier and healthier? Do you know someone who would love the chance to energise their lifestyle with supportive and experienced guidance? Kaya Health Clubs Gift Vouchers And Personal Training Every year, the amount of stuff we’re expected to own outdoes itself. Now
  • Why Is Mat Pilates So Effective?

    For someone who has never experienced mat Pilates classes, it might look rather effortless. Movements are usually completed lying either on your front or back, and a controlled pace is encouraged - but it is a lot more challenging and rewarding than that. Every movement comes from the central principles of Pilates; like breath, balance,
  • Christian’s Transformational Journey!

      In the depths of the cold Melbourne winter, I began planning a November tropical holiday. I was looking forward to family time in the Balinese sunshine. What I wasn’t looking forward to was feeling self-conscious about my body, instead of relaxing. I knew I’d have to start tasting my own medicine and get serious

  • Feeling Swamped?

    Stress plays a role in many of our lives and it can be detrimental to our health. Here’s our tried-and-true tip for managing and reducing stress — for more laughter lines than frown lines. RECLAIM THE NOW In our manmade constructs of time, many of our stresses come from the past (which no longer exists)

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