• Newsletter – November / December 2016

    Christians Transformational Journey…   In the depths of the cold Melbourne winter, I began planning a November tropical holiday. I was looking forward to family time in the Balinese sunshine. What I wasn’t looking forward to was feeling self-conscious about my body, instead of relaxing. I knew I’d have to start tasting my own medicine

  • Why Every Kaya Beginner Should Try Boxing Classes

    If you’re first joining a health and fitness club, what do you do? Do you stick to the weights and cardio zones, or do you go for the group fitness? Would you rather stay with what you know, or try something new? Each of our members has their own workout preference, and newcomers to Kaya
  • Nutrition Tips For Your Melbourne Spin Class

    Spinning classes can really take it out of you, and without the proper fuel, your body won’t be able to repair itself. Don’t make all of that training for nothing! Here are our top nutrition tips for your spin cycle classes - please note, everyone is different and what might be suitable for Tom doesn’t
  • How To Avoid The Most Common Boxing Classes Injuries

    No matter your training style, whether you swear by long walks down the river or interval training sessions with your personal trainer, you run the risk of injury. Boxing classes are no different. You have to learn to pivot and manoeuvre in an entirely new way, and this can lead to injury or sprains if
  • Yin Yoga, At Prahran and Emporium

    Each style of yoga is considered to be exceptionally beneficial, and Yin yoga is another amazing style of yoga to try. If you’ve seen Yin on your KAYA timetable but haven’t given it a go yet, here’s what you can expect at your next Yin class. What Is Yin? Yin yoga is the gentle sibling
  • Yoga For Beginners: Vinyasa

    Everyone remembers starting out on their Yoga journey; looking around the class from under your shoulder in a downward dog to make sure that you were blending in with everyone else’s asana. There are so many nuances to Yoga, and finding the right style for you can make all the difference. Here at KAYA, our
  • The Facts (And Fiction) About Clinical Pilates

    The Facts (And Fiction) About Clinical Pilates Part of our KAYA Health Club facilities, is our access to Clinical Pilates from our experienced practitioner. While many of our members have already discovered the healing benefits of Clinical Pilates, there are a few who are still looking forward to learning more. Here are some answers to
  • Tips on Personal Training This Melbourne Summer

    Tips on Personal Training This Melbourne Summer As the days warm up and the afternoons stretch out, we can start looking forward to a summer of blue skies, balmy days, and sunset cocktails. It can also mean that we come out of hibernation and start working on the toned figures that will keep us healthy
  • Kaya Newsletter – October 2016

    Member Newsletter – Oct 2016 My perspective on viewing and living life… Life can be unfair, as I’m sure everyone would agree. But life is unfair for everyone, which makes it fair. It’s a harmful trend among many of us to believe that we are defined by how we have been treated, rather than how we treat ourselves,

  • Five Reasons to Try Our Spinning Classes

    Five Reasons to Try Our Spinning Classes Many of us love to get on our bikes and explore Melbourne - from the river to the busy alleyways; there is always so much to see. But if you think that your cycle career starts and finishes there, then you need to try Spinning. Bring a towel,

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