Manifestation & Magic Workshop

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About The Presenter 

Hollie Azzopardi 

Hollie Azzopardi is a holistic wellness coach, writer, speaker and mental health advocate with a focus on mind, body and soul wellbeing. Published on Sporteluxe, Mamamia, Lorna Jane and Your Zen Life, Hollie is passionate about inspiring others to live their healthiest, happiest and best lives.


Event Description


You know those people who are just ‘lucky’? They are always winning things, are constantly smiling at life and just seem to attract all the best opportunities, people and life experiences?
Rather than looking at those people with jealousy, did you ever stop and think maybe YOU could be one of those people?
Here’s the thing – you can. And Hollie is here to teach you how.

Hollie Will Talk About

– How she achieves every goal she sets WAY before she expects herself to

– How she attracts prosperity in the form of money, opportunity and love

– How to embrace each day with a smile, even through really hard times, because it is ALL a lesson

– Living the life of your dreams, every single day


When: Sunday 19th November

Where: Kaya Health Clubs 325 Chapel Street, Prahran (Yoga Studio)

Time: 11.30am to 2pm

Dress: Comfortable

Cost: $70 for Members $85 for Non-Members

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