Pilates Classes in Melbourne

Kaya Health Clubs – The best Pilates Classes in Melbourne, provides you with safe and practical challenges to improve your posture, strength, core-stability, physique and overall sense of wellbeing. Kaya Pilates is also extremely effective for injury rehabilitation.

Our expert instructors are trained by the Elixr School of Pilates (ESOP). ESOP is Australia’s leading Pilates education provider, endorsed by the Fitness Institute of Australia.  Click here for more information about ESOP.

Kaya’s instructors provide class members with a practical and scientific approach to Pilates; with a teaching style that is attentive, precise and entertaining.

We offer both Pilates Group Reformer (with two dedicated Pilates Reformer Studios) and Pilates Mat Classes.

Pilates Group Reformer

A Kaya specialty, the Pilates Group Reformer Class (GRC) is a machine-based class that incorporates spring resistance in a series of exercises which stabilise your core and strengthen and sculpt your entire body.

Suitable for all levels.
Duration: 45 minutes
Location: Prahran & Emporium


Pilates Mat Classes

Kaya Pilates Mat Classes will improve your posture, stabilise your core and strengthen your whole body through a carefully programmed series of exercises.

Suitable for all levels.
Duration: 45 and 60 minutes
Location: Prahran


Kaya Barre

A class that builds and defines muscle, leaves you feeling lengthened, and creates a dancer like body. Kaya Barre combines the principles of Pilates, classical ballet and functional movement.

Suitable for all levels.
Duration: 45 minutes
Location: Prahran & Emporium

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