• Things That Beginners Should Look For A Yoga Studio

    3 Things That Beginners Should Look For In A Perfect Yoga Studio

    Beginning a new chapter in your yoga journey can be confusing at times- how can you know that the yoga studio you’ve chosen is the best one for you? After all, it can seem like there’s a yoga class popping up on every corner. If you’re seeking the perfect space to continue your practices, or for the ideal yoga for beginners, there are three main things to look for, to know that you’ve found the yoga experience for you.

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    Location and Accessibility:

    You can find the perfect yoga class, with everything you need, and all the luxuries you want… but, if you can’t get there, it might as well be a on a Tibetan cliff. Look for a facility which is either located near you, or near transport facilities. After all, if your yoga sessions are halfway out of town, they’ll be incredibly difficult to get to and you’ll struggle to establish your yoga habit.


    A great yoga studio is completed with a sense of community and support. Sharing your practice with others is a beautiful part of the class, and this is forged with a passionate and knowledgeable teacher. Facilities which offer a variety of yoga classes and yoga meditation classes are a great way to try something new, and meet new people. However, make sure that your chosen facility offers highly trained teachers for these classes- the connection to the practice is more powerful, and you’ll feel the benefits.


    When you’re choosing a studio, find a studio with a range of classes and practices. As your skill set develops, you’ll find yourself experimenting with new poses, or trying new styles. If you find a yoga studio which only offers a fast-paced Vinyasa, you may find yourself craving a restorative Hatha or Yin session, and vice-versa.

    Kaya Health Clubs Studio

    Our KAYA Yoga Classes are held across our Melbourne studios, with convenient locations in Prahran and Melbourne CBD so that our members can always find us when they want an invigorating yoga class. With varying styles and yoga meditation classes, our KAYA members can access an authentic yoga class from expert yogi’s.

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