• Are Barre Classes Cardio? And Other Questions

    There aren’t many people who wouldn’t love to have a dancer’s body. Think of Dirty Dancing, Step Up, Black Swan – it’s no wonder that we adore the long lines and graceful control of their body when it has been the subject of countless television shows and films. So what can you expect from barre fitness classes? Read on below to hear some of barres most common questions answered.

    Women Taking A Barre Class At Kaya Hleath Clubs Melbourne

    Where Did Barre Come From?

    While it may seem like a new trend, barre has actually been around for over 50 years! In 1959, Lotte Berk developed the Lotte Berk Method and found her first fans in London. Her motive came after she sustained a serious back injury, requiring extensive rehabilitation. Lotte combined the care and precision of rehabilitation with ballet training on the barre and started what we know as barre today.
    Lotte Berk was a dancer and teacher herself and always used barre to return to her focus on building core stability, which she believed is fundamental to balance and well being.

    What’s In Barre Classes?

    Barre classes are held indoors, and you will usually be barefoot. Using the barre, as a ballerina would, your class will be guided through a set of exercises to engage the core and work smaller muscle groups with precise, controlled movements. These smaller, more controlled movements are deceiving – from the outside, a full squat may look more challenging because it uses a full range of motion, but in barre you’re likely to isolate a fraction of that movement to repeat that small action, making the barre version far harder.

    Is Barre Cardio?

    Technically, barre isn’t a cardio or weights class. While it has the benefits of fat loss and muscle tone, it is not going to be an hour of high-tempo dance moves or grunting and heavy lifting. But don’t think that it’s going to be easy – the great thing about barre is that no matter how advanced you are, you’re bound to find a challenge for yourself!

    Are There Barre Classes In Melbourne?

    Yes, some studios and clubs do offer barre fitness classes. We always recommend doing your research, though – systems of exercise like barre and Pilates both gain their merit from the precision and control they demand, which is not usually the driving factor of a fitness class. Some studios that are not particularly devoted to these practices may sacrifice this control for a cardiovascular or weight training variation, or they might try to incorporate their own flair into the class. Find a club that is proud to remain closely aligned with the core principles of barre, so you can experience this form of fitness training the way that Lotte Berk intended it.


    For your own authentic barre experience, talk to reception at Kaya Health Clubs. With clubs conveniently located across Melbourne, members can find a class on the timetable that suits them and try out barre for themselves!