• Become An Inspiring Instructor With Pilates Teacher Training

    When we come across a bubbling source of inspiration in our lives, we should cherish and nourish it. It might be a book, a parent, a mantra, or a partner. Many of us on our Pilates journey can remember a certain teacher or Pilates figure who inspires us to aim higher in our practice – it may be the same person who was there to kickstart your passion for Pilates! While Pilates is an unending road of new skills and challenges, you may be at the point where others are looking ahead to you and becoming inspired themselves, and you can use your knowledge to help them follow in your path as you continue upwards.

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    Pilates teacher training courses are a beautiful opportunity to immerse yourself further into your personal passion while gaining the skills you’ll need to help others. Before you consider Pilates teacher training, ask yourself these questions:

    Do you love Pilates, health, and fitness?
    Do you love being around others?
    Do you enjoy being helpful and patient towards others?
    Does your passion translate to others as motivation and joy?
    Do you want to discover more about Pilates?

    Pilates teacher training can help you to develop an emotionally and physically satisfying career unlike any other as you discover more about Pilates and yourself. Nurture others on their journey and inspire them with your genuine enthusiasm and wealth of Pilates expertise, and watch your own confidence flourish. From your Pilates practice to interacting and leading others, your confidence will grow with each new curve.

    There are some personal traits which are usually positive signs of a great Pilates instructor:



    Your students may need a break or a modified movement, and a compassionate instructor will have alternatives prepared to ensure the classes comfort



    Students need to know that you are there to safely guide them through their class, and their trust in you will allow them to immerse themselves deeper in their actions and experience the session fully.



    Without the right knowledge you could end up endangering yourself and others, or providing a poor Pilates class at best.



    Others will feel your energy and reciprocate it, so your enthusiasm and motivation are important when you’re conducting a Pilates class.



    While it may become familiar among you and your students, you must always remember your role in the studio is different to theirs and requires different attention to various attitudes, humours, comments, and interactions. Remaining professional is a key component of a good Pilates teacher.

    From Pilates Reformer courses to mastering matwork, there are nuances to each Pilates system that will give you a whole new appreciation for the practice, and you’ll be able to elicit this sense of wonder among your students when you conduct your classes.


    Pilates teacher training is a popular course for many people across Melbourne who are looking to develop their personal skill set, even if they don’t intend on actualising a career from their new skills. The thorough scope of education which is provided can take your practice to new heights, and the personal growth and improvements are enough of a reward for some.

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    If you’re interested in becoming a Pilates teacher please contact our Education Coordinator on 03 90901010 or at education@kayahc.com.au to hear more about our next intake.

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