• Five Ways to know you’ve found a Fantastic Yoga Instructor

    There are a large number of components that go into creating a great yoga class, but one is more influential than any of the others. While they’re all important, if you take away the mat, the music, and the other people in the yoga studios- all you’ve got is you, your yoga instructor, and time to sink deeper into that downward dog. Your yoga teacher can turn your yoga classes into your daily retreat, and here are our five best ways to tell you’ve got a keeper.

    1. They Reach Everyone In The Class

    For a great yoga teacher, there can be three people in the room, or thirty, and they’ll still make everyone feel personally guided through their

    practice. From the front of the class, to the more solitary yogi’s who prefer to stay at the back, you can expect to feel welcomed and connected throughout the class.

    2. They Find Intuitive Instruction and Direction

    Sometimes, we can find ourselves wondering what the time is, or what we’re going to do after yoga, instead of appreciating the moment. A good yoga teacher will find ways to remind you to focus on your present moment, and value your practice. Their instructions will take you seamlessly through a flow of movement, and be intuitive to your body and how you may be holding tension without realising, When you hear a gentle reminder to relax the muscles around your eyes or jaw, you are able to sink into the moment deeper, finding a deeper sense of peace.

    3. They Make It Your Practice

    While many instructors may be extremely advanced, they are aware that their practice is not the priority of the time, In the class, their role is to guide and support their class through an immersion into yoga, so they are considering all the participant when they select their postures- whether it’s inviting more advanced yogis to try their own practices, or offering variations for newer students.

    4. They Love And Understand Yoga

    Yoga is a holistic practice, with ancient aspects working deeply into the mind, spirit, and body. While many yogis find challenge and fulfillment in simply appreciating the physical efforts, a good yoga teacher will have awareness of how the spiritual side can complement the physical. By incorporating this knowledge into the class, the methodical movements become havens for minds to meditate through, providing the students with a source of stillness.

    5. Their Natural Personality Shines

    Your yoga teacher should lead with their passion, and follow with their personality. Yoga can be a very introspective time for many students, and it doesn’t require the kind of ferocious personality as faster paced forms of exercise. However, if the yoga teacher allows the space to enjoy the practice, with some easy humour to bring some light-heartedness, the class can progress naturally and comfortably. If a teacher is true to the spiritual nature of yoga, this can be a beautiful experience for the class, as their teacher helps them to find inner peace, in a relatable way and with compassion.

    Yoga Lessons

    If you’re looking for an intuitive and inspiring yoga instructor, come to any of our KAYA Yoga classes, held across our Melbourne locations in our ambient yoga studios. Find the space to experience yoga and find stillness, with dedicated yoga instructors to guide you with care and expertise.