• How To Find the Motivation To Start Fitness Training

    How To Find the Motivation To Start Fitness Training

    Sometimes even the best intentions, like pre-booking your fitness class or packing runners in your bag the night before, won’t be enough to get your out of bed for fitness training. That’s because they call it ‘working out’ for a reason – it takes work! So before you hit that snooze button, or try to make excuses for yourself, we’ve compiled a list of the best tips for finding the motivation to start fitness training.

    Wear work-out clothes

    Science says that the clothes we wear affect our behaviour, attitudes, mood, confidence, and even the way we interact with others. This is because of the symbolic meaning that we (as a society) ascribe to different types of attire and what they mean to us. 69% of people claim that wearing work-out clothes helps push them to exercise. Choosing to wear leggings, a tank top and runners for the day might actually be able to give you the mental-shift you’re looking for, and put you in ‘work-out’ mode rather than ‘lazing on the couch’ mode.


    Unlike doing a workout at home, where you’re your only motivation and you can easily decide to hit the snooze button or back out altogether, with most fitness classes at a health club, spots are limited. This means you generally have to book in advance to make sure a spot is secured for you, which also keeps you extra accountable. It would be rude to sign up and bail; leaving an open spot that could otherwise have been filled by someone else. Not to mention the fact that some health club classes will still charge you even if you don’t turn up, giving you another reason to go.

    Try group fitness

    One of the best parts about group fitness classes is that they get you out of the house and give you the opportunity to meet other like-minded people in your community!  Not to mention the fact that it’s simply fun to exercise with people around! With music playing and everyone else working out with you, sharing the struggles, the muscle burns and the little successes you achieve along the way, group fitness can often feel more like a party than a workout!

    Set a goal

    Set realistic goals that include clear milestones, which will challenge you and give you extra determination each time you work out. Things like nailing a certain yoga pose, lifting a heavier weight, or running 10 kilometres. 

    Break it up with different classes

    The best part about fitness training or joining a health club is the options for exercising are endless. You might try Pilates one day, a HIIT class the next, followed by yoga. Mixing up your exercise regime will help keep things fresh and exciting! 

    Find a work-out buddy

    They say time flies by when you’re having fun, and this is especially true if you’re working out with a buddy. It also helps to have a mate who will cheer you on throughout your workout, or keep you accountable when you don’t want to show up. Just when you think you can’t possibly do another burpee, you your pal is there to say you can—and you do.

    Focus on how you feel 

    In a society obsessed with how fitness training makes us look, focus on how fitness training makes you feel. Do it for the endorphins and the positive rush you feel afterwards. You might even want to write down how energised and accomplished you feel after leaving the health club, and read over it as extra motivation when you’re feeling slack. 

    Why is Fitness Training a Great Form of Exercise for Beginners?

    The great thing about fitness training is that there’s always bound to be classes and options available for beginners. All fitness training is easily adaptable to suit your needs and fitness level. If you’ve signed up to a health club, let the instructor know you are a beginner and they will be sure to give you extra guidance throughout the class. 

    How Health Clubs Can Support Kick-Starting Your Fitness Journey

    Joining a health club is the perfect way to kick-start your fitness journey. Not only will you be able to choose from a bunch of fun and exciting fitness classes, but you will also have access to proper fitness equipment and guidance from industry professionals who will be able to support you along the way. At KĀYA Health Clubs, we are passionate about providing a range of services that allow you to reach your health and wellness goals. Click here to sign up for a complimentary class.


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