• Melbourne Clinical Pilates For Pregnancy

    With our Kaya family members growing their own families, we’ve seen more expectant mothers come in and ask about our Clinical Pilates sessions and what benefits they would receive.

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    Clinical Pilates at Kaya is a safe system of Pilates, customised for you, which is monitored closely by a qualified practitioner using the Reformer and other Pilates equipment. Anyone can benefit from Clinical Pilates, but it’s especially beloved by pregnant women who wish to keep their bodies safe and prepared for this exciting new chapter!

    Why Clinical Pilates is so beneficial during your prenatal period:

    Reduces back pain

    Clinical Pilates will help you to strengthen the deep abdominal muscle tissue, and this will help you to avoid developing back pain and remain conscious of your posture. Without this, your posture can begin to deteriorate as your baby grows and this can contribute further to back pain.

    Strengthen your pelvic floor

    Your pelvic floor muscles might weaken from the hormonal changes you’re experiencing and from the weight of your baby. Clinical Pilates can help alleviate this by strengthening the muscle that sits beneath the pelvis, where it supports your bladder and bowels. This can help you to control your bladder and bowel movements that can develop during or after your pregnancy.

    Strengthen your core and gluteal muscles

    During pregnancy your body will release a hormone called Relaxin, which causes your ligaments to become more flexible than usual. This can, however, make you more susceptible to lower back/pelvic pain. Strengthening the muscles that live deep in your abdomen will help to counteract this to reduce your risk of pain and strain.

    Controlled breathing

    Your breathing is just as important to you as it is to your baby, so regular breathing is important to focus on and remain aware of. Controlled breathing can also come in handy during labour, as well as contributing to the strength of your oblique abdominal muscles.

    Maintain a healthy weight

    Weight gain is normal during pregnancy – no matter what some celebrities might try to convince us of! However, some women can struggle to maintain a healthy weight with their limited mobility and new appetite – Clinical Pilates can help you to stay in touch with your body without the risks of most exercises.


    Pregnancy can be overwhelming and challenging for the majority of women, but it’s important to remember to take care of yourself and your own well-being. By allowing yourself some time to focus on your inner health and physical well-being, you can save yourself a lot of stress and fatigue and make this exciting time much easier on yourself and your baby/

    Enhanced post-partum recovery

    If your muscles are kept happy throughout pregnancy and you’ve maintained a healthy weight range, then your post-partum recovery will be much easier and rewarding!

    clinical pilates

    If you’re interested in Clinical Pilates during your prenatal period, come in and talk to Kaya’s resident practitioner to find the time for a consultation.

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