• Plié As You Are: Getting Over Body Insecurities In Barre Classes

    People flock to barre fitness classes to get a dancer’s strong legs, lean muscle tone, and endurance. If people who came out of a barre class all look like dancers, is there space for someone who is not quite there yet to be in this class and enjoy its benefits?

    Barre Fitness By Kaya Health Clubs

    The common refrain heard from those who say they want to exercise but can’t quite bring themselves to actually join a fitness class is that they are not fit or flexible enough. While some people would like to do a barre class for example, the one thing that’s stopping them is their thinking that they’ll be the only one starting out in a class full of regulars. The concern about one’s current fitness or flexibility level actually reveals the deeper issue which is about body image and body insecurity.

    Body image is basically how a person’s thinking of how their body looks which is mainly based on how they feel about themselves. Nowadays, this feeling and resulting concept of one’s body image mostly have nothing to do with facts and is instead influenced by culture and the media. The media’s promotion of a slim silhouette as the perfect body size drives people to be insecure about their bodies especially as this idea of perfection is hard to achieve, never mind that most of the body images we see are airbrushed or photoshopped. This needs to be changed. The idea of what a healthy person looks like should be expanded and be more inclusive. It should be based not just on what a person’s looks, but also on their values, talents, personalities, and their relationships with others and themselves.

    For someone who wants to break free from a limiting concept of how a healthy person should look like, going into a barre fitness class can be the first step. Perhaps you liked to dance when you were a kid. Or you’ve always wanted to dance. And now that you want to have a regular exercise routine, a barre class sounds like a great and fun way to exercise. Don’t miss out on a really fun & worthwhile Barre workout just because you don’t think you have the skill level required. Our classes cater to all levels of skill and our passionate barre Instructors will help you learn the proper movements to get you working the bar in no time.

    Getting out of a negative body image mindset is just one way of helping you reach your health goals especially if you want to include  barre in your fitness regimen. It would also help if you can find studios and health clubs with a more diverse clientele and where body positivity is encouraged, like Kaya! Even when the training is similar to what a dancer does in barre classes Melbourne, keep in mind that it is not necessary to look exactly like one. A healthier outlook means aiming to achieve a dancer’s endurance, balance and strength rather than trying to look like a prima ballerina.

    Lastly, giving your mind and body positive reinforcement instead of being overly critical will help you feel good about going to barre classes. This in turn will sustain you as you strive to maintain a regular exercise routine.