• The Benefits Of Clinical Pilates in Melbourne

    If you’ve already tried your hand at reformer or mat Pilates, you know just how effective this form of exercise is at lengthening and strengthening your muscles. However, there are times when you need a little extra care and that’s where clinical Pilates comes in.

    At KĀYA, we provide clinical Pilates services to our members and have seen first-hand the benefits of this type of specialised care. Today, we’ll be looking at just some of the benefits of clinical Pilates.

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    Offers a tailored approach

    Clinical Pilates is designed to offer a tailored approach to suit your individual needs. Rather than following a set series of exercises, your clinical Pilates teacher will get to know your situation and develop exercises to specifically address your requirements. This means that extra care is taken throughout your sessions and your injury, pain or any other concerns are taken into consideration.

    Assists with injury recovery

    If you suffer from ongoing pain or an injury which prevents you from getting on with your regular exercise regime, clinical Pilates could be the answer. Through the careful guidance of your teacher, clinical Pilates can assist with the rehabilitation process for injuries and chronic pain. Gentle, restorative movements are used by your accredited teacher to assist with restoring functional movement and reducing pain. Clinical Pilates is often recommended following surgery to assist in recovery.

    Corrects postural imbalance

    It’s amazing how frequently pain within the body is linked to poor posture and a lack of core stability. Through clinical Pilates, your posture will be assessed following a one on one assessment and your teacher will be able to develop exercises which will strengthen your postural muscles and alleviate any pain or discomfort related to your posture. This will in turn help with balance and coordination.

    Pre-natal and post-natal care

    Pregnancy and childbirth can put a lot of strain on the body which is why clinical Pilates is often a popular choice during and after pregnancy. Clinical Pilates can assist with strengthening the pelvic floor muscles and reducing pregnancy associated aches and pains. Following childbirth, participating in clinical Pilates can also assist in gently restoring your core strength and addressing issues such as abdominal separation.

    Use of specialised equipment

    When it comes to addressing your specific issues, your clinical Pilates teacher has a range of equipment available which will deliver results without placing strain on the body. Your teacher will use the mat, reformer and trapeze table to help restore your body to its optimal functionality. Most importantly, your clinical Pilates teacher knows how to use this equipment correctly to ensure that your issues aren’t exacerbated.

    KĀYA Health Clubs offer Pilates classes in South Melbourne at our Prahran location and at our centrally located Emporium club in the Melbourne CBD. With our focus on the provision of authentic

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