• The Facts (And Fiction) About Clinical Pilates

    The Facts (And Fiction) About Clinical Pilates

    Part of our KAYA Health Club facilities, is our access to Clinical Pilates from our experienced practitioner. While many of our members have already discovered the healing benefits of Clinical Pilates, there are a few who are still looking forward to learning more. Here are some answers to our frequently asked questions, and some common misconceptions that were flying about.

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    What does Clinical Pilates include?

    Clinical Pilates is a system of powerful exercises, safely monitored and executed with the guidance of our expert practitioner. Using Reformer and Mat exercises, you can combat aches and pains from hypermobility, fatigue, and muscle soreness, and increase strength, stamina, and flexibility.

    Who can benefit from Clinical Pilates?

    Nearly anyone can benefit from Clinical Pilates; the muscle strengthening and conditioning which it nurtures will aid

    you in general mobility

    and wellness, even if you don’t suffer any chronic pains. While Clinical Pilates is commonly suggested to those who suffer from soreness, tightness, or fatigue, the systems are tailored to your needs and abilities to ensure that everyone feels refreshed and replenished.

    The Fiction:

    Clinical Pilates is the same as Pilates.

    While they stem from the same principles, the two

    practices differ. Pilates is a deep strengthening and flexibility exercise system, whereas the Clinical specialty requires careful planning and awareness to avoid injury. Many people who cannot physically undertake a Pilates class at our Melbourne locations experience huge relief from a Clinical Pilates session, as the session is tailored to them and their needs or injuries to eliminate any risk of pain, injury, or aggravation of discomfort.

    A Pilates instructor can prescribe Clinical Pilates.

    Absolutely not! Pilates is a beautiful practice, but Clinical Pilates requires a trained professional to ensure absolute safety and care, while utilising the same gentle methods. We have two resisdant Clinical Pilates practitioners Kirby and Jodi. Kirby has an extensive background in dance and Pilates, before commencing rigorous training to become a Clinical Pilates practitioner, where she assists our members on their path to health and wellbeing.

    Jodie comes from a commercial dance background and has taught dance for over 15 years, working with commercial and musical theatre students. Jodie has extensive knowledge having both Exercise Physiology degree and is a Certified Pilates instructor. Jodie works to bring our members to a state of health, fitness and wellbeing.

    If you’ve got any more questions about Clinical Pilates, or how our KAYA Health Clubs can help you on your journey to wellness, simply contact our friendly team to find out more.