• Proudly Supporting the Minds and Bodies of The Australian Ballet

    Proudly Supporting the Minds and Bodies of The Australian Ballet

    The Australian Ballet are one of the world’s premier ballet companies and have provided unique performances to audience across the world for over 50 years. Since 2012, Kaya Health Clubs have been proud supporting partners of The Australian Ballet, thanks to our authentic classes and reputation in the community. When dancers with The Australian Ballet are looking for genuine yoga or Pilates in Melbourne, they turn to Kaya and our range of health and wellness classes at our Prahran and Emporium locations.

    Proudly Supporting the Minds and Bodies of The Australian Ballet

    Working in partnership with The Australian Ballet:

    It’s no surprise that The Australian Ballet have high standards when it comes to the classes being offered to their dancers. After all, they’re the biggest asset to the company! With this in mind, the medico team at The Australian Ballet are constantly reviewing and examining the Pilates and yoga program run at Kaya to ensure the best outcomes for their dancers and for all of our members. The Australian Ballet expect a genuine yoga and Pilates experience using authentic techniques, and the qualified and experienced teachers at Kaya are passionate about delivering traditional classes to members.

    Workout tips from The Australian Ballet:

    Recently, we had the privilege of having corps de ballet dancer Evie Ferris come along to Kaya Emporium and share some of her favourite workout tips. So, what does Evie do to keep her balance? In order to strengthen her legs and prevent lower leg injury, Evie does calf raises each day – remember to maintain even pressure from your big toe to your little toe to assist with correct alignment. Cable twists are another favourite exercise for Evie and she aims for two sets of 25 reps on each side to help with endurance. If you give these exercises a try for yourself, keep your pelvis still while your spine rotates.

    To keep up with the endurance required as a dancer, Evie does 15 to 30 minutes of cycling and alternates with seated and standing peddling. She also tries to start each day with yoga and meditation. Not only does this help with strength, flexibility and balance, but it also keeps her present and in tune with her body and mind. Remember to focus on deep breathing during your practice.

    To find out more, take a look at our video of Evie in action!

    Genuine health and wellness classes:

    Here at Kaya Health Clubs, we pride ourselves on providing genuine yoga and Pilates in Melbourne. Our commitment and passion has meant that we’ve established an ongoing partnership with The Australian Ballet to support their dancers. Whether you’re an experienced practitioner or are giving our health and wellness classes a try for the first time, our dedicated teachers are ready to help you find your mind-body connection.

    To find out more about Pilates and yoga in Melbourne, contact Kaya Health Clubs today on 03 9090 1000 and find out why The Australian Ballet trust Kaya for a truly authentic experience.

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